6 Home Decor Trends From 2014 That Aren’t Going Away

Here are 6 trends from 2014 that aren’t going away and we are totally okay with it. Light-Colored Wood: Blonde woods grew extremely popular in 2014. They are refreshing, brighter, and are welcoming all mixed in one! It opens and lightens up a space. Also, think of how dirt settles and shows a lot more on your dark […]

Feng Shui In The Home

Recently, I was asked what I am most proud of. My ability to find the positive in everything is definitely a part of me that I am most proud of. This got me thinking about feng shui and why it is important. So why is it so important? Feng shui focuses on how energy moves through your […]

What we’re all about: Toes in the sand and shag.

What is the first thing your feet touch when you wake up? Hopefully you answered with carpet or rug. If you didn’t, you should invest in some! They are seriously a game changer. Anyway, did you know there are 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons in each foot? Research shows that […]

Top Benefits Of Carpet/Rugs

Here at The Carpet Workroom, we could talk about carpet and rugs for hours!  We often find ourselves noticing the decor in just about every room we step foot in! So we’ve compiled a list of the top benefits of carpet/rugs. Here it is: The “look”: Carpet adds to the decor of your home by brining in color and […]