Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

The hands that bring each custom rug project to life

We’re committed to the artistry of woven textiles. That’s why our team is made up of professionals with tons of experience in the carpet and rug industry. Here’s a glimpse of the friendly faces who are happy to help you turn your house into a home with your next custom rug project.

Peter Lovetere, President/Master Craftsman at The Carpet Workroom

Peter Lovetere

President/Master Craftsman

Peter began working in the carpet and rug business over 30 years ago as an apprentice. After decades of hard work and maintaining a positive attitude, he was able to accomplish his dream of owning his own carpet store in Needham. A father of 3, Peter has been able to support his family through his craft, and now is looking to expand even further. He has experienced all there is to in the carpet world and is now challenging himself by entering into the realm of sustainability through carpet recycling. Although his vision has evolved, offering a luxury installation service at an affordable price is still his primary goal.

Matthew Lovetere, CEO at The Carpet Workroom

Matthew Lovetere


Matt manages the entire retail operation and leads business development efforts company-wide. Before teaming up with his father, Matt worked as a middle school English teacher in Dorchester. There, he learned the valuable skills it takes to manage a fast-paced, growing business; patience, organization, communication, flexibility, and leadership. Now 8 years into the project he constantly has his eyes on the future, looking for ways to further improve the operation. Outside of The Carpet Workroom, Matt loves to make the most out of his time with his wife and daughter.

William Lovetere, COO at The Carpet Workroom

William Lovetere


Billy is the guy that drives the operation. If you’ve had a project done, he’s had his hands on it. He leads the service team and ensures quality control. He’s both a CFI installer and master fabricator while also contributing on the sales team. Outside of The Carpet Workroom, Billy loves spending time with his family and supporting the local  Boston sports teams.

Kathy Lovetere, Office Manager at The Carpet Workroom

Kathleen Lovetere


The matriarch of The Carpet Workroom keeps the office running smoothly by managing our books and providing top notch customer service. Her specialties include office management, accounts payable, and accounts receivable while also contributing to the sales team. Coming on board in the winter of 2017, Kath previously served the Town of Canton as an educational assistant for over 17 years. That’s where she learned her excellent people and management skills. When she isn’t in our Stoughton location you can find her hanging with family, adventuring with Peter and their dog Breezy.

Maggie Lovetere

Showroom Manager

Meet the youngest of the Lovetere family. Maggie wears many hats but primarily manages our Needham showroom. She is a valuable member of our sales force, bookkeeping, and HR teams. When she is not at The Carpet Workroom, Maggie loves to spend time with her husband, Josh. She also teaches Barre and is certified in Pound Rockout Workout and BUTI Yoga.

Stephen Jacques, Sales PM at The Carpet Workroom

Stephen Jacques

Sales PM

Steve took his first steps in The Carpet Workroom as an intern, allowing him to learn the industry and become familiar with the day to day tasks. Upon graduating from Northeastern University in Spring 2022, Steve joined The Carpet Workroom as a full-time project manager. Outside of work, Steve is a passionate boxer and loves to try new hobbies.

Santiago Zuluaga, Sales PM at The Carpet Workroom

Santiago Zuluaga

Sales PM

Santiago started his time at The Carpet Workroom as an intern, providing sales and accounting support. Upon graduating from Suffolk University in 2021, he carried over his experience to The Carpet Workroom and transitioned to a full-time position as one of our newest project managers. When he isn’t at our Needham location, Santiago loves to travel and is always excited to visit new places.

Tamie Nolan, Sales Support at The Carpet Workroom

Tamie Nolan

Sales Support PM

Tammie is one of the latest members to join the The Carpet Workroom family. Her previous experience in the carpet industry has allowed her to become a valuable asset to our sales team. Her support on the sales team has allowed us to speed up the process and make sure that your project is ready to go before being sent out by our fabricators. In her free time, Tammie loves to watch soccer and is always looking for a new movie to watch.

Randy Shaffer, Accounting at The Carpet Workroom

Randy Shaffer


Randy is part of the accounting team at The Carpet Workroom. Her previous experience as an accounting professional has had a positive impact on our team. Outside of The Carpet Workroom, Randy loves to explore new places and spend time with her family.

Erin Cacciapaglia, HR at The Carpet Workroom

Erin Cacciapaglia


As The Carpet Workroom’s Human Resource Specialist, Erin ensures that the company flows smoothly across all areas. She received a Bachelor’s degree from Keene State College and has served in various business administration roles before landing at The Carpet Workroom. Erin is a family member of the Lovetere’s and is ultimately how she was introduced to The Carpet Workroom. Today Erin loves to enjoy her spare time with her husband and 2 daughters.

Steven Ho, Fabrication Specialist at The Carpet Workroom

Steven Ho

Fabrication Specialist

Steven joined The Carpet Workroom with a vast amount of experience in the carpet industry. As one of our lead fabrication specialists at The Carpet Workroom, he is constantly putting together projects in our workroom; whether it’s seaming together carpets or adding the finishing touches, Steven is always on hand to make sure the carpet is prepared before being sent off for installation.

James Hurley, Installer at The Carpet Workroom

James Hurley


Matt, Billy, and Maggie’s cousin is a member of our management team and is Billy’s right hand man. Doubling as a salesman, James has been a true “Jack” of all trades, contributing to all aspects of the operation. As a CFI installer, he spends most of his time on the road, making sure that your carpet and rugs are installed perfectly.

Josh Howe, Operations - Field Tech

Josh Howe

Operations - Field Tech

Josh was introduced to The Carpet Workroom through his wife, Maggie. Josh made an instant impact upon joining our team in Fall 2021. As a member of our operations team, he’s always on the road helping with installs, or you’ll find him putting together projects in our workroom area. Behind the scenes, Josh’s previous work experience has allowed him to provide support to our marketing team.

John McNeice, Operations - Field Tech at The Carpet Workroom

John McNeice

Operations - Field Tech

John has been with the The Carpet Workroom family for a while now, making him one of our most experienced members on our operations team. Another close friend, he also comes from a pedigree of craftsmen. His sales background is also contributing to sales and customer service making him a versatile asset.

Chris Galanis, Operations, Field Tech at The Carpet Workroom

Chris Galanis

Operations - Field Tech

Since joining in 2021, Chris has brought a versatile skill set to our operations team. Whether it’s preparing carpet projects before delivery or on the road helping out on installs, Chris is always ready to lend a hand. In his spare time you will find him enjoying time with his friends and family.

Josue Argueta, Marketing at The Carpet Workroom

Josue Argueta


Josue is the newest member to join our marketing team. A few months after graduating from Suffolk University in 2021, he joined The Carpet Workroom team as a content creator and marketing associate. His creative skillset has allowed The Carpet Workroom to grow its marketing initiatives and is always looking for new opportunities to keep the company growing. In his spare time, Josue loves to watch sports and is always ready to travel to new places.

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