Feng Shui In The Home

Recently, I was asked what I am most proud of. My ability to find the positive in everything is definitely a part of me that I am most proud of. This got me thinking about feng shui and why it is important. So why is it so important? Feng shui focuses on how energy moves through your home. Your home is an environment that affects you and feng shui can help you achieve positive energy. I’ve done my research and have compiled a list of some things you can do for feng shui in the home now!

1. Make sure your entranceway reflects who you are. I think this is one of the most important tips because your door is how energy comes into your home. It represents how clean and positive opportunities come to you. By doing all this, you’re inviting prosperity into your life.


2. Put your bed against a solid wall. This will provide strong sturdy support.


3. Create balance around your bed. Your bed should be open on both sides to allow for a balanced space. You should also have TWO nightstands. Don’t store anything underneath your bed, because it can cause subconscious blocks and we all know we are the masters of our own destiny so why cause unnecessary “road blocks”?


4. Raise your decor high up on the wall for higher energy levels. You don’t want your soul to feel confined so put things as high as possible to open up even more space to breathe.


5. Be aware of the direction your furniture is facing. If your couch is situated so that your back is to the door, your subconscious will naturally be fearful.  If you face toward the door or window you will be more at ease.


6. Move your desk away from walls and don’t situate it in line with the door. When you’re in line with the door you have a wave of energy rushing right towards you every time someone walks by.  It’s better to look out the window. If you must face a wall, try hanging photos to help feel like you have more space.


7. Keep all wires away from your bed.

8. Make sure your door can open all the way to let opportunity in. All is possible for you that way, all doors are open!


9. Don’t go too minimal. When there are no objects, it means that there is no life there. If you don’t like clutter, just add a few objects. For example, a plant or flowers!


10. Keep your stove clean because in feng shui, the stove represents your wealth and career. You should also mix up which burners you’re using too. Just like in life, it’s not good to do the same thing over and over. If you decide to mix it up and try something new, more opportunities will open up for you!


11. Paint your walls a color that will have a positive impact. Remember to pick colors YOU love, not ones that others think you’ll love.


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