Kid Friendly Flooring Options for the Modern Family

What exactly is considered to be the most kid friendly flooring?

The answer is carpet of course! Hardwood flooring isn’t the softest to crawl on, the coziest to walk on, the best for insulation or sound absorption. All of those titles go to carpet. Do not fret though…you don’t need full wall-to-wall carpeting to enjoy these features! Area rugs and runners can also add some coziness to your space without covering up all that beautiful hardwood. Your rooms see a ton of activity every day so you want to find a product that will withstand your lifestyle. So what else is considered to be kid friendly flooring?

Now that we know you’re looking for carpet or rugs…where do you begin?

We often promote natural fibers like wool for their many eco benefits. It is a non-allergenic fiber that controls temperature, resists burning/static, and is generally lower maintenance than man made fibers. Wool is typically easy to clean so even if you pick a lighter color, you will be able to remove most blemishes and stains. That goes for your messy children or your red wine 🙂

There are flat-weaves, cut piles, and loops to choose from (see our blog on these). They may not feel as soft or plush to the touch but that is a small price to pay when picking a renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable product. Think about wearing your favorite wool sweater and that is what we are talking about!

Sometimes when adding pattern and color, wool can get a little pricey. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your floor, stick to neutral tones. Undyed wool products are typically much more economical than colored fibers. If wool carpet isn’t right for you, nylon is also an extremely durable product so will stand up against even the wildest child! It also resists stains (if you act right away). Some are even solution-dyed, which means the color is actually a part of the fiber. This makes it permanent and fade-resistant. Spills can’t even seep in to discolor!

If you are worried about VOCs (volatile organic compounds) many synthetic materials have a green label on them, making them less toxic than other man made fibers. Our showroom is full of options so we can point you in the right direction. There are many different price points for nylons but they usually tend to be on the lower end! It is extremely versatile so you are able to use it in your basement playroom or on your entry stairs 🙂

Is there a way to add even more protection to your new kid friendly flooring?

We hear so often that the area rug is going in a room where the family gathers to hang out. If that’s the case, and you want an extra layer of protection from stains without adding nasty chemicals, Green Guard is an all-natural protector that is sprayed on your carpet/rug and acts as a barrier! Liquids literally repel right off. It is an no brainer to add this if you know your kids are going to be drinking or even just playing on your carpet/rug.

Vacuuming is the surest way to keep dust and other particles from sitting too long on your fibers. Not just the dirt you can see but other allergens you don’t necessary notice! You want a product that can be used and abused but look nice at the same time.

If you have kids at home and you are looking for a cozy way to decorate your home, make sure to consider the benefits of carpeting, area rugs, and runners. If you’d like to get more information, please email!

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