Looking for Pet Friendly Carpet?

Pet owners, who are in the market searching for carpet, have two main priorities in mind…stain resistance and durability. Pet accidents and everyday wear and tear from four legged traffic can really take a toll and shorten your carpet’s life span. Many 21st-century consumers have also added health and environmental effects to their list of flooring priorities. Luckily, finding a carpet that meets all these concerns is becoming easier! So what is the perfect pet friendly carpet? We are here to simplify the process for you.

The question we are asked daily is, “What makes carpet a good choice for floor covering if you have pets?”

Wall-to-wall carpeting is more comfortable for pets; after all, most spend time laying around on the floor. Carpet is also a nonslip surface that can be safer for animals, whose footpads tend to slide on tile and hardwood flooring. Dogs are infamous for refusing stairs! Carpeting also absorbs sound and make your home a more peaceful place to live.

Runners and area rugs will do the trick so don’t think we want you covering up all your beautiful hardwood.

First, lets consider the materials that wouldn’t work for pets. Claws, including trimmed ones, can still get caught and pull any loops in carpet. Also, viscose-blend (faux silk) carpets that are super soft and luxurious would require professional cleaning. We would highly recommend confining these two carpets into homes without pets or an off limit room from your four legged family members.

Two things to consider when searching for your ideal carpet, area rug, or runner are…


Flat-weave wool carpets are our best friends and could be yours too! They are naturally stain resistant so cleaning should not be difficult. Material is constructed without using any knots so can withstand a lot of traffic, as well as claws and paws. There are many flat-weave wool styles to choose from in our showrooms!

Cut Pile

We recommend pet owners to also consider cut pile carpets as well. They are soft and nails/claws can not pull at the loops! There are many cut piles to choose from that will work with any kind of home style. Plus, a cut pile is most likely cushioned and soft!

Now you that you have found your perfect pet friendly carpet, what’s next?

Cleaning Up A Stain or Accident?

Home cleaning remedies for natural stains, such as pet urine, is diluted white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. It is effective and usually a very safe option. Spray or blot the area then wait. (DO NOT RUB) There is a chemical reaction that will eliminate the stain. Peroxide (H202) will break down the water and oxygen. You do not need to rinse or neutralize. This process may take a few hours and you may need to repeat this application a few times, but it works like a charm!

How To Prevent Pet Accidents From Ruining Your Carpets

We mention Green Guard all the time and there is a reason why we do! Green Guard is a stain preventative that we spray onto carpet, at an additional cost. The spray-on product is safe for kids and pets, while ensuring the color of your carpet doesn’t fade and looks newer for longer! Spills actually sit on top of the carpet and doesn’t seep through. We offer a complimentary spot cleaning within the first year too 🙂

Green Guard is formulated with the following features:

  • Non Toxic
  • Skin Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • and no fragrances!

To find the carpet right for your lifestyle, contact us here!

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