What is the most family friendly hard flooring?

If we are primarily a soft surface company, what are we doing promoting hard surfaces? The answer is simple; you can’t have an area rug without a base surface. Although it isn’t our specialty, we’ve built out our infrastructure to accommodate the growing interest in hard flooring like LVT (luxury vinyl tile), hardwoods, and other engineered woods. It is important to us that we have these capabilities because of how popular these products are. We’ve added new samples to our showrooms and developed relationships with manufacturers to ensure competitive pricing. Most importantly, we’ve brought on new installation teams that specialize in the installation of hardwoods and LVT!

As we continue our content revolving kids, pets, and home safety we thought it would be a great idea to add LVT into the mix. This Blog post is meant to serve as a guide to buying LVT, and why this type of flooring should be considered for your next project.


Have kids and/or pets in the home? If your answer was yes, you should consider LVT for the new flooring in your home or office. It’s resilient, durable, and easily cleanable. Here are some other benefits of the LVT we carry in our showroom:

Maintenance Free: Other than sweeping and wiping down with a Swiffer, you literally don’t need to do anything to maintain these planks.

Kid + Pet Friendly: If your household has kids and pets running around, don’t worry, these floors can take all sorts of toys. If your pet has an accident, all you need to do is wipe it up.

Stain Resistance: We’ve all experienced spills and stains, but cleaning up after a coffee or wine spill doesn’t have to be something to stress over.

100% Waterproof: These floors are actually waterproof. Don’t fret about pet accidents and spills, since nothing can damage these floors.

Scratch Resistance: This might be one of our favorite benefits about our line of LVT flooring. The scratch proof feature is a great way to ensure that you will no longer have scratched floors from furniture moving, kid’s toys, or pet claw marks.

Licensed Click System for Easy Installation: The way that the tiles are connected is with a simple click system that make it easy for installation.

Durability and Maintenance

The key detail about LVT is that it can last up to 10-2o years before needing to be replaced. These luxury vinyl floors require light sweeping and mopping to maintain that fresh clean look. As for durability, LVT can take the heavy traffic from everyday wear. As mentioned before, a simple spill can be picked up quickly and not damage the floors.


Worried you won’t find a vinyl tile color to work with your home aesthetic? Don’t be! There are many colors and textures to choose from that we can ensure will work with any home interior. You’ll be surprised at what you might find when you click this link to view a few of our favorite LVT options! Colors can range from soft shades of blonde, tan, white to brighten up a space. For those who are looking for darker shades, there is a great selection of dark browns and grays to choose from as well.

Layer It up

Once you have your base layer set, now it’s time to turn the house into a home! One of the best ways to dress your LVT flooring is by adding decorative area rugs. This gives you so much more flexibility to change with the times and play with different looks at different times of the year. It’s such a great alternative to wall to wall carpet because you don’t get locked into a certain color or style. Our sales team is here to assist you in selecting the perfect options for your home. Adding an area rug can lift the heaviness of a moody room and instead make it space more enjoyable.

Have we convinced you yet? To get started on you project or to order samples, email us at info@carpetworkroom.com. To continue browsing our selections, visit https://www.msisurfaces.com/

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