Everything You Need To Know About Jute and Sisal

It is without a doubt that natural floor coverings have become a trending style in all types of homes for area rugs and carpet. The question we get often is, “what is the difference between jute and sisal rugs?” Our primary goal with this Blog is to educate our readers on all things carpet, so let’s dig a little deeper and get a better understanding about these natural fibers.

What is the difference between Jute and Sisal?

First off, jute and sisal are 100% natural fibers, which makes them completely eco-friendly and sustainable fibers. Aside from that similarity, they are actually quite unique. Once you’ve educated yourself on the differences, we hope you can find out which one is better for you and your home.

Sisal Jute large area rug with pattern
Cross patterned large area rug using sisal jute material.

Sisal Carpet

Sisal carpets and rugs originate from a botanical plant name called Agave Sisalana. The plant was once only native to southern Mexico, but now you can find it all around the world. The plant itself is incredibly strong and can grow as tall as 8 feet and can withstand very high temperatures. Once the plant is ground down to a pulp, it can be made into a fiber and woven into various products such as carpeting, area rugs or even a stair runner!

Jute Carpet

The plant Corchorus is actually where jute fibers come from and are native to tropical climates. What is unique about Corchorus, is that it needs a lot of rainfall to survive and is actually a flowering plant. The plant can grow tall just like the sisal plant but what’s different is how it is prepped before it can be turned into a product. Sisal is crushed and beaten whereas jute is cut and soaked in water which helps when it comes time to break apart the fibers before it’s woven into carpet or area rugs.

Custom stair runner with. jute or sisal material and wide binding
Sisal custom stair runner with light neutral wide binding.

So which one is softer? More durable?

Sisal is typically a lot stronger and wirey because they start as a hard and rougher plant. Jute tends to be smoother and softer. Both materials are great for layering and styling, but it just all depends on the look and feel that are you looking for. Both fibers are durable for all types of projects, but the sisal plant grows a lot sturdier and that is why it is considered to be more durable than a jute. Jute fibers are thinner and softer which is why this material would wear and tear faster, especially in high traffic areas. For spaces that aren’t as busy, a jute material would work great. To keep it simple, sisal is made for durability and jute is made for comfort.

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