Family Business

Our family has always seen the glass as half full and we hope for the best. Not being a big, corporate business has given us the chance to re-evaluate our family life, what we wanted from our business and what we wanted it to stand for. To start your own business you have to be brave. The risk […]

Make Your Room Stand Out With Carpet

To pick the perfect carpet for a room, you first need to chose the look and feeling you would like to create. The internet is full of tips for this but more often than not, they are likely to produce generic looks and who wants to be generic? NOT US. These 6 tips will help your room […]

How To Work With Warm And Cool Tones

As the nights become cooler and cooler, we must remain positive! The change of seasons is a perfect time to look for ways to make our home even more cozy. Below are some ideas that illustrate several different ways to achieve spacious but still remain homey by choosing the right combination of fabrics, wall color, textures, and RUGS. When choosing […]