Family Business

Our family has always seen the glass as half full and we hope for the best. Not being a big, corporate business has given us the chance to re-evaluate our family life, what we wanted from our business and what we wanted it to stand for. To start your own business you have to be brave. The risk of failure is what puts most people off, but sometimes you just need to have a positive attitude and go for it. For me, being a college student, with an English degree, my careers are limited. When you can’t find a job then really the only alternative is to create your own, so that’s what I did. That is what Matt, Billy, and Jimmy did and John is doing now. My dad asked us to come on board with the business and we all jumped at the chance.

In a family business, you’re all in it together and you have to make it work. All this doesn’t come without its challenges. The hardest part is everyone having an opinion and trying to make their voice heard. Our team meetings can get a little heated sometimes. In the end, we all take a step back and ask ourselves, ” what is right for the business?” What we want as an individual is not necessarily right. My dad who created all this has to do this too. There’s never a dull moment and every day is different. We’ve all come to expect the unexpected.



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