Custom Rug

This custom rug was fabricated by The Carpet Workroom using a sisal carpet remnant.

Custom Sisal Stair Runner, Wellesley

Many people ask where and how sisals are used in your home. Because these natural fibers aren’t particularly soft to the touch, people are skeptical of their practicality. What people don’t know is how durable and forgiving these materials can be. Better yet, they are manufactured with inherent flaws that hide dirt, stains, and general traffic. […]

Custom Rug Program

Although we offer an extensive list of carpet-related services, our custom rug program is what separates us from everyone else. No other carpet store allows you the opportunity to customize your rug from raw material to size, shape, and fabrication. Each stage of the process is directed by you and executed by us. Our list of […]

Norfolk Custom Stair Runner

Norfolk Custom Hall and Stair Runner Project There are two different schools of thought when giving advice on stair and hall runners. Some designers believe that hall runners connected to the stairs give the project a more consistent and complete look. But what if you want to expose more of the hard wood? Pictured above is […]

Custom Wilton Stair Runner, Wellesley

This custom Wilton stair runner was fabricated from a wool carpet remnant in The Carpet Workroom and installed by Peter Lovetere in Wellesley, MA. What makes this project unique is the length of the set of stairs. Outside of this picture, there is a second set of stairs that extends another 12 steps. Most people think […]