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Stair Runners

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The Carpet Workroom specializes in stair runners that impress! Upgrade your staircase or add flair to your hallway with a custom carpet runner. Our unique selection of designer rug runners includes a variety of colors and styles. We offer solid color rugs as
well as striped, floral, herringbone and other popular patterns. Choose styles to match with any décor including modern, traditional and everything in-between.

Transform your home or business with a brand new stair runner. Our collection of designer rugs can be custom cut to fit any size staircase or hallway. We can help you choose the stair runner style that best suits you and your project. And just like area rugs, stair runners have a variety of finishes that will complement your home’s décor.

What is a Stair Runner?

A stair runner refers to a strip of carpet which runs down the center of a staircase,leaving stair exposed on either side of the runner. We offer high-quality, durable carpet options that bring practical and aesthetic benefits to your home or business.

How do I Choose a Stair Runner?

When deciding which stair runner to purchase, there are a few factors to consider. Once you choose the  area you’ll put your rug, you’ll want to decide if you want a solid-color or patterned style. Next, pick a carpet material which suits your needs. Choose from 100% wool, wool blend, nylon, jute, sisal and more. Finally, choose an installation method that matches your desired aesthetic. Browse our photo gallery for stair runner ideas and design inspiration.

At the Carpet Workroom, we have all of your carpeting needs covered. Once the perfect stair runner is chosen, we offer expert carpet installation services. Our team of experienced professionals also offers rug repairs, alternations and cleaning services.

Visit our blog for more information on stair runners including a Carpet Buying Guide, Comparison of Common Installation Methods and considerations for Stair Runner Prep.

Grey herringbone style carpet fabricated and installed as a stair runner.
This is a Kaleen Martinique Silver neutral flat weave wool cheveron style with wide cotton binding
Black and white striped carpet with a cream wide binding and nail heads as a decoration installed as a stair runner.

Finishes - small details that
make a big impact

Rug with narrow binding by The Carpet Workroom.


Sometimes, less really is more

Wide navy blue binding on a white and navy blue cheveron style carpet by The Carpet Workroom.


Available in cotton and linen materials

Double binding on a carpet with different colors made by The carpet workroom.


Create interest with color and size contrast

Self-edge carpet finished by The Carpet Workroom.


Give it a finished, classic look

Brown leather binding on a carpet by The Carpet Workroom.


A subtle and elegant aesthetic

Leather binding on a rug by The Carpet Workroom.

Double-Bind Leather

Add a sophisticated touch

Self-edge cheveron style stair runner carpet finished and installed by The Carpet Workroom.


A clean and simple finish for a minimalist look

Rug with double binding and a nail head as an accessory made by The Carpet Workroom.

Nail Head Accessory

A detail that can elevate any style

Ready to get started?

Carpet with a diamond pattern style grey and white colors fabricated and installed as a stair runner.
Room with wall to wall carpet, designed with stars of different colors.
Finishes make all the difference, wide black binding on a carpet installed as a stair runner.
Final details of a rug with a herringbone style with light colors installed on a room.

Is your project outside of the Northeast?

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How do I start my custom rug project?

The best way to submit your inquiry is by filling out our “Start the Process Online” form found on our Out of Region page.

What is your timeline?

As soon as a 60% deposit is received and an order placed for in-stock stair runner material, we schedule installations 4-6 weeks out. If material is non-stocking, it may take longer depending on the timeline.

What if I don't live in the Northeast?

That’s not a problem! Visit our Out of Region page to learn how we can still work together on your project.

What materials are best for homes with pets?

If you have pets in the home, we recommend flat-weave wool, cut pile, and loop pile carpet styles.

Want to start the process online instead? Here's how it works


Collect photos of the room, hall, or stairs you’d like carpeted and take some measurements, if possible.


Take note of any materials you may want to use. Visit our blog, gallery, or online store for inspiration. If you’re nearby, you can always visit our locations before making your final decision.


Fill out this form and submit it to us. You’ll be able to upload those photos, give us any measurements you were able to take, and tell us which materials you have in mind.


After we receive your form we’ll get in contact with you. We may need to get some more information from you before we can give you a quote.

Black and white textured carpet finished with a wide black binding fabricated and installed as a stair runner.
We have a large selection and different designs at the showrooms in Needham and Stoughton, MA.

Which location would you like to visit?

When you choose one of our locations, you’ll have the option to schedule an in-person visit or a phone call.

Outside of the Northeast? Find out how we can still work on your project!

Blue and white cheveron style fabricated and installed as a stair runner.

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