Ensure Your Home Is A Safe Environment by Updating Your Rugs and Carpeting

Team working on a carpet installation in a room.

A lot of customers ask us about the presence of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in carpeting. And it’s a very fair question. Nobody wants to invite anything volatile into their home, especially in a space that invites everyone to lay directly on it. This is one of the many reasons why we recommend natural materials […]

Stair Carpet & Stair Runner Buyers Guide – Carpet Workroom

This is a Kaleen Martinique Silver neutral flat weave wool cheveron style with wide cotton binding

Types of Carpeting for Stairs & Factors to Consider Benefits of Stair Carpeting The main reason people carpet their stairs is to prevent slipping on hardwood flooring. Additional benefits of carpeting include added warmth and comfort, reduction of noise and protection of the carpet underneath. Stair runners are also a great choice for covering any […]

Hollywood vs Waterfall: Which Stair Runner Installation Method Should I Go With?

Side view of installed stair runner carpet with narrow binding neutral colors by The carpet Workroom.

Why Install a Carpet Runner on Stairs? Carpeting your stairs can be a practical decision for property owners. For those with wood stairs, adding a carpet stair runner can protect the hardwood underneath, protect from falls, and reduce the sound of footsteps. Some people may simply be looking to change the décor of their homes. […]

Preparing for your Next Stair Runner Project

This is a navy blue with white stripe carpet hollywood cheveron style stair runner with blue wide binding with details ensures that the carpet contours the stairs from top to bottom.

At The Carpet Workroom, we are constantly working on various types of carpeting and rug projects. One that we regularly get requests for are stair runners. A stair runner has always been a popular and favorite flooring option to install in homes for both its looks and benefits.  If you’re looking to get a stair runner […]

The Art of Carpet Seaming

This is a gray with white, beige and navy blue striped, wall-to-wall carpet with flat woven plaid style.

Keys to Creating the Best Carpet Seams Ideally, soft flooring should appear seamless and smooth. But, one of our biggest challenges is that not all materials are manufactured wide enough to execute the project in one piece. This usually requires the need to bring in additional material, and joining the pieces together to create one […]

Why I Chose to Get My Area Rug from The Carpet Workroom

Ticking Stripe Tuxedo area rug in large family room

Working with carpet every day teaches you a lot about what you want in a rug. My name is Marina and, as the head of The Carpet Workroom’s marketing team, I’ve seen so many of our employees choose to order area rugs and runners through the company.  Today, I want to share with you all […]