The NEW Carpet Workroom is back open for business!

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder The doors are open to let the fresh air in and the sun is shining…it’s a new day! Good afternoon, everyone! Maggie here again – this week has been my first full week trying to get back to a […]

Q & A With Best Carpet Installers in Massachusetts

Get To Know The Best Carpet Installers in Massachusetts In our previous Blog post we featured our master craftsman, Peter Lovetere who answered questions many of us wanted to know. We were especially happy to know just how interested everyone was to learn how he began his life in the carpet trade. Without further ado, […]

The Unsung Heroes of The Carpet Workroom – The Carpet Installers

At the end of the day, the carpet installers at The Carpet Workroom are the most valuable members of our team. It’s up to their skills and experience to execute every project! We often talk about the finished products and how beautiful they come out but never really applaud the ones who actually created it. […]

Getting To Know The Family Business

A question people often ask is, “If The Carpet Workroom wasn’t your family’s business, would you still work there?” It is a question I have given a lot of thought to. The answer is yes, I couldn’t work anywhere else. My brothers and I didn’t grow up thinking we would work for our family. As […]

Keeping Clean Carpet While Being At Home

Cleaning During a Crisis: Helpful Tips For Your Home First things first, when it comes to our current situation, we are in uncharted territory. None of us know how this will turn out or how long it will last. Nobody has the perfect plan for how to navigate this new kind of life at home. […]

Ask our Carpet Cleaner

Coleman Clifford – Professional Carpet Cleaner To follow up on our previous Blog about carpet cleaning and how to keep your floors free of Covid-19, I wanted to get some more background information about the man behind the curtain.  I was able to connect with Coleman, our go to carpet cleaning resource, a few questions […]