Hardwood Refinishing: Revitalize Your Floors Before Adding A New Rug Or Runner

Hardwood refinishing project using waterborne finish

Introducing Our New Hardwood Refinishing Service Are you considering adding a new rug or runner to your stairs or hallway? Before you do, let us introduce you to our latest offering: hardwood refinishing.  At The Carpet Workroom, we’re committed to providing comprehensive solutions for all your flooring needs, and our latest offering is no exception. […]

The Carpet Workroom Redfin Article Feature: 16 Ways to Bring Love Into Your Home

The Redfin Collaborates With The Carpet Workroom & Home Decor Specialists To Help Transform Your Living Space As we navigate the spaces we call home, there’s an inherent desire to create a living space that feels warm, comfortable, and connected. In this Redfin article, The Carpet Workroom and other specialists in home decor come together […]

Customer Owned Material: Custom Rug & Runner Creations to Fit Your Unique Space

Cut to Fit connected hallway and stair runner

Bring Your Own Carpet Material to The Carpet Workroom & We’ll Turn It Into A Custom Rug As we step into 2024, the growing demand for custom rugs has carried over from the past year, standing as testament to the evolving landscape of interior design. Homeowners, designers, and enthusiasts alike are increasingly drawn to the […]

The Top 6 Recommended Tips for Carpet Care & Cleaning

Keeping your carpet in pristine condition is important if you want it to last as long as possible. There are plenty of care measures you can use to ensure your carpet looks its best. We put together a list of the top six carpet care tips we believe will give your carpet the ultimate care it […]

The Art of Custom Fit: Designing Custom Area Rugs to Perfectly Suit Your Space 

With More People Preferring a Personalized Fit, Custom Rug Fabrication is Taking Off Most people turn to tailor-made clothes not just because of their high quality, specific style, or special fabric but mostly because of how they fit — more attractively and comfortably than anything off the rack. The same goes for carpeting and, more […]

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