Crafting Sustainable Luxury: Incorporating Eco-Friendly Premium Carpets Into Your Space

Martinique silver area rug with narrow cotton binding finish, a sustainable carpet option

Learn How An Eco-Friendly Home Can Easily Be Achieved With Our Luxurious Sustainable Carpet Options In a world where environmental consciousness takes precedence, the choices we make echo far beyond our immediate surroundings. This awareness has seeped into the realm of interior design, reshaping even the most lavish spaces into havens of sustainable elegance. Premium […]

Top Carpet Trends for Modern Homes: Minimalism, Natural Fibers, & More!

trending carpet: Creating a custom fit

Here’s What’s Hot in Carpeting for Today’s Homes Let’s face it: when the look and feel of the carpeting is off, the whole room seems off, no matter how on-point the furniture, walls, lighting fixtures, and other elements may be. While this applies mostly to wall-to-wall carpeting, it also goes for large, movable pieces like […]

Carpet Remnants: Affordable Luxury With A Purpose

Discover The Benefits of Purchasing A Stylish Carpet Remnant For Your Space Nestled in our Needham Showroom, you’ll find a collection of stunning carpets with designer styles, all at budget-friendly prices. Carpet remnants are the hidden gems of the flooring world, offering you a chance to elevate your home’s interior without breaking the bank! Not […]

Carpet Restoration vs. Replacement: Which is the Right Choice?

From Water Damage to Normal Wear & Tear, Here’s How to Know Whether to Repair or Replace Your Old Carpet   Whether you’ve been in your house for years or you’re moving into a previously occupied one, few factors should be of greater importance than the state of your flooring. It’s not only the foundation for […]

Introducing a New Era at The Carpet Workroom

Elevating Your Carpet Shopping Experience We are thrilled to announce the beginning of an exciting new chapter at The Carpet Workroom. Prepareyourself for a refreshed and simplified experience as we unveil our newest showroom dynamic; theelevated Carpet Gallery opening in Newton, shifting to a more budget-friendly offering in Needham, andrelaxing our appointment policy in all […]

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Blue and white cheveron style fabricated and installed as a stair runner.

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