Collaboration with 98.5 The Sports Hub (Part 2)

Last month we announced our collaboration with Beasley Media and discussed the reasons they chose us to give their Dorchester studio a flooring makeover. Not only did our installation team upgrade the carpeting, but we installed luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) to their main space (see photos below) to add an aesthetic detail that really made […]

Design Feature: Navy Blue Binding

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Maggie Lovetere. I am the youngest member of my family and one of your sales women here at TCW! You can usually find me going back and forth between our Needham and Avon showrooms. I also work more behind the scenes on HR and […]

What is the most family friendly hard flooring?

If we are primarily a soft surface company, what are we doing promoting hard surfaces? The answer is simple; you can’t have an area rug without a base surface. Although it isn’t our specialty, we’ve built out our infrastructure to accommodate the growing interest in hard flooring like LVT (luxury vinyl tile), hardwoods, and other […]

Kid Friendly Flooring Options for the Modern Family

What exactly is considered to be the most kid friendly flooring? The answer is carpet of course! Hardwood flooring isn’t the softest to crawl on, the coziest to walk on, the best for insulation or sound absorption. All of those titles go to carpet. Do not fret though…you don’t need full wall-to-wall carpeting to enjoy […]

Everything You Need To Know About Jute and Sisal

It is without a doubt that natural floor coverings have become a trending style in all types of homes for area rugs and carpet. The question we get often is, “what is the difference between jute and sisal rugs?” Our primary goal with this Blog is to educate our readers on all things carpet, so […]

Looking for Pet Friendly Carpet?

Looking for Pet Friendly Carpet? Pet owners, who are in the market searching for carpet, have two main priorities in mind…stain resistance and durability. Pet accidents and everyday wear and tear from four legged traffic can really take a toll and shorten your carpet’s life span. Many 21st-century consumers have also added health and environmental […]