New Homeowners Essential Guide to Carpeting 

A room receives a flooring makeover with its new wall-to-wall carpet flooring.

Make Your New Home Truly Yours With Custom Rugs, Runners, & Wall-to-Wall Carpeting If you’re reading this, then it’s probably safe to say: Congratulations on your new home! It’s been said that home is where the heart is, and if that rings true for you, ensuring that your new home is as comfortable and inviting as […]

3 Key Steps to Sprucing Up Your Home With Eco-Friendly Stair Runners

A stair runner made from 100% wool

All-Natural Carpeting for Your Stairs That Would Make Mother Nature Proud Earth Day is a time for us each to reflect upon our personal impact on the world and commit ourselves to taking actions to keep it as clean, safe, and sustainable as possible, especially for future generations. One often overlooked but highly effective way […]

How A Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Benefit Your Health and Home

Professional Carpet Cleaning on an Area rug

Fresh Floors, Fresh Air: A Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Instantly Improve Your Home’s Air Quality and Create a Healthier Lifestyle Do you ever look at your carpet and wonder if it’s actually clean? Professional carpet cleaning is a crucial aspect of maintaining the health and cleanliness of your home. While regular vacuuming can help remove […]

How to Measure Your Space for New Carpet Flooring

Measuring for Carpet: a DIY Guide If every room were perfectly square, carpet installation and measuring for it would be as easy as pie. Spaces and floors, however, come in all shapes and sizes, and thankfully so; what a boring world it would be if every room were identical. This is why the measuring process […]

Stair Carpet & Stair Runner Buyers Guide – Carpet Workroom

This is a Kaleen Martinique Silver neutral flat weave wool cheveron style with wide cotton binding

Types of Carpeting for Stairs & Factors to Consider Benefits of Stair Carpeting Carpeting stairs provides more than just slip resistance on hardwood floors. It also adds warmth and comfort underfoot, reduces noise levels, and protects the carpet underneath from wear and tear. Stair runners are a great option to conceal any unsightly scuffs or […]

What to Consider When Choosing an Area Rug for Your Bedroom

How to Pick the Right Size, Style, Material & Placement for Your New Bedroom Rug As the sanctuary of your home, your bedroom deserves special attention when it comes to comfort and style. After all, it’s that one place you can go to get away, close the door, and unwind for a while. (Sure, a […]

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