The Carpet Workroom Redfin Article Feature: 16 Ways to Bring Love Into Your Home

The Redfin Collaborates With The Carpet Workroom & Home Decor Specialists To Help Transform Your Living Space

As we navigate the spaces we call home, there’s an inherent desire to create a living space that feels warm, comfortable, and connected. In this Redfin article, The Carpet Workroom and other specialists in home decor come together to provide you with 16 creative and insightful ways to bring love into your home. 

From thoughtfully chosen decor and aromatic additions to personal touches that resonate with cherished memories, these suggestions aim to transform your living space into a haven of love. So whether you’re looking to bring love into your home in Medford, MA, or apartment in Portland, ME, embark on this journey to discover how simple, intentional choices can significantly enhance the love-filled ambiance within the walls of your home.

1. Display large artwork

Incorporating large artwork into your home serves as a great way to bring love into your living space, as it adds visual appeal and reflects personal taste and emotions.

“Any large artwork that depicts love or people working together in harmony is a great way to bring love into your home. Be sure to position it in your hall so it is the first thing you see or in your living room,” notes consultant Feng Shui West Country.

2. Decorate with a custom area rug

Bringing a custom area rug into your home offers functional and stylish benefits.It can serve as a focal point, tying together the room’s decor and creating a cohesive look. Additionally, a custom area rug can define different zones within an open-concept space, helping to create a sense of organization and flow.

“It helps define and delineate different living spaces within an open floor plan, creating a sense of organization and intimacy. A custom rug allows you to express your unique taste and tie together various design elements, adding warmth, texture, and personality to your living space,” states family business The Carpet Workroom.

3. Clean with your loved ones 

One of the keys to bringing love into a home is to approach house cleaning with a positive mindset and a focus on creating a loving and harmonious environment. 

“Involve your loved ones in the cleaning process to promote teamwork and togetherness,” shares Le Vvintre Living Luxury Cleaning Services. “Assign appropriate tasks to each person and work together to clean and organize the home. This not only lightens the workload but also strengthens bonds and fosters a sense of unity.”

“Nothing says you care like a home that’s not only clean but also radiates a welcoming scent that hugs you the moment you walk through the door. Imagine the gentle fragrance filling your home, creating an atmosphere where love thrives in every corner,” adds Affordable Cleaning Today.

4. Hand-select consignment home decor 

Hand-selecting consignment home decor infuses each piece in your home with unique character and history, creating a personalized and curated living space that reflects your individual style.

Lori Schroeder of Consign Couture remarks, “Transform your living space into a haven of love by carefully hand-selecting consignment home décor that resonates with your style. Explore local consignment shops or online platforms to discover unique pieces that evoke positive emotions, memories, and love.”

5. Bring in candles

Introducing scented candles into your home is a delightful way to bring love into your space, as the soft, warm glow creates an intimate and cozy ambiance.

“Nothing whispers ‘I love you’ quite like the soft flicker and warm scent of a beautifully crafted candle,” says luxury candle company melt. “Imagine a candle that blends the sultry notes of rose with the exotic whispers of orchid, setting the stage for those oh-so-precious moments of connection. It’s like a love letter but in fragrance form.”

6. Think in pairs of two

Reiko Gomez of Reiko Home recommends, “In the bedroom, create balance and harmony in by having two bedside tables and two table lamps that are relatively equal in size and style. Think of ways to make your bedroom feel like a cozy cocoon of rest. For example, adding a plush rug, pretty bedding and thick curtains, of fresh cut flowers. A space that feels serene, soft, and inviting attracts good experiences into your life.”

Rose quartz crystals are believed to emanate a gentle and compassionate energy.

“In Feng Shui, love is associated with the element of earth, shares Lia Menna Gross of LMG Creative Feng Shui. “Bring loving earth energy into your home with two rose quartz crystals. Ensure the pair is balanced in size to symbolize an equal partnership.”

7. Bring in love through floral designs

Incorporating floral design adds a touch of nature’s beauty, infusing the space with freshness and positivity. 

Designer Avalana Simpson from Avalana Design comments, “Romantic florals in interior design will always stand the test of time. There’s something about hand-painted cascading flowers in full bloom, which brings a level of warmth, love, and contentment to a space. Often, flower power is overlooked for bedrooms, but intricate oversized blooms are perfect for adding a little love.” 

8. Decorate with flowers

Flowers’ vibrant colors and natural fragrances create a visually appealing and emotionally uplifting atmosphere, thus bringing love into your home. 

“Flowers are consistently a quintessential way to bring feelings of love into your home. From the sweet fragrance to the eye-catching color palette of a spring bouquet, bright blossoms emit an aesthetic that elevates your mood,” says flower company Fleurish Floral Studio.

“Try introducing fresh-cut flowers for a touch of natural beauty and freshness in your home while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere with soft lighting to enhance feelings of comfort and connection,” adds cleaning service Elite Maids RVA.

9. Hang photos of loved ones 

Hanging photos of loved ones is a heartfelt way to bring love into your home, as the visual reminders of cherished moments and relationships.

“Hanging a framed photo of loved ones or special moments in your life can create a positive and nostalgic atmosphere in your living space. They also serve as great conversation starters as guests will inquire about the story behind the photos,” shares Kyle Cong Photography.

Brindy Ruby Photography says, “One of my favorite ways to bring love into my home is through photographs. The best photos to hang up are the ones where there is a true connection between loved ones. This could look like giggles while running through a field or snuggles on the couch.”

“Photos are a great way to bring love into your home. Display some in photo frames on shelves or cluster them together on a living room wall. A scrapbook or photo album can hold more loving memories. If you prefer digital, there are several digital photo frames that keep a slideshow of all of your favorite photos and can be updated at any time,” adds Leslie and Carlos of Absolute Luxury LLC.

10. Bring in plants

Taking care of plants fosters a sense of responsibility and connection with nature, contributing to a home environment that radiates love, care, and a touch of the outdoors.

“To bring more love into your home, fill it with things you love,” recommends watercolor painter Anne Butera of My Giant Strawberry. “I’m an artist and a gardener so I always need to be surrounded by plants and art. Think about what brings you the most joy, whether it’s a reminder of those you love, mementos from special trips, or even just your favorite colors.”

“The bathroom rarely receives the kind of interior design attention our living rooms or bedrooms enjoy. Still, these smaller, occasionally steamy spaces are the perfect environment for all sorts of potted pals. Spider plants thrive in bathrooms due to their ability to tolerate low light and high humidity levels, for example, and it’s a similar story to the ever-in-vogue Monstera. Don’t be worried about accidentally killing them, either. Both of these specimens are extra hardy and require very little care,” adds Plant Studio.

11. Create a cozy corner

“We love the ‘cozy corner’ trend,” states luxury gift company MyCOCCO. “It’s all about carving out a little nook of comfort and tranquility in your home. Drawing inspiration from the Danish hygge concept, which is all about coziness and finding joy in the simple things.”

Add a snug armchair with a fluffy blanket thrown over it, a small shelf within arm’s reach stocked with beloved books, and a soft lamp casting a warm glow. This spot can become a private retreat for enjoying those quiet moments of reflection or losing oneself in a good read, creating the perfect backdrop for love to bloom in the simplest of activities.

12. Scent up your space

The subtle aroma of scents like vanilla, lavender, or citrus can foster a loving and cozy atmosphere.

“One of the ways to bring love into your home is through fragrance. This could be in the form of candles, diffusers, and room sprays. Pick up a candle or reed diffuser on your next grocery shopping trip and bring love into your home,” recommends candle business Nneka’s Candle Blog.

“If you’re looking for a fragrant welcome to your home, why not try a reed diffuser in your hallway or porch? There are many refreshing scents like Rhubarb & Ginger Gin with a touch of lime. Bring some love back into your bathroom with a eucalyptus and peppermint room spray with a built-in odor eliminator, making it the perfect choice to freshen any room,” shares scent company Lumiescents.

13. Paint the walls in a different color

Selecting warm and soothing tones can also create a loving environment.

Brilho Cleaning Services says, “Consider using warm and inviting colors like soft shades of red or muted tones of pink to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Opt for colors that resonate with positive emotions, bringing a sense of warmth and connection. Balance vibrant hues with neutral tones for a harmonious and comforting environment.”

14. Hang plates on your walls 

Hanging plates is a charming way to bring love into your home, as the carefully arranged display not only adds a touch of personal style but also reflects a sense of cherished memories. 

“One way I bring love into our home is to decorate with plates we find at stores,” notes photographer Jeanna Hayes. “Sometimes, they have special meaning to us, and other times, we just like the pattern and buy it while we are together at the store. We are always on the hunt for our plate wall.”

15. Adding cool furniture pieces

Adding carefully chosen furniture pieces to your home is a thoughtful way to bring love, as each item can contribute to making the space feel like your own.

“Enhance the love in your home by incorporating comfortable and inviting furniture, creating spaces that encourage togetherness and relaxation,” shares mindfulness expert Still Jacey. “Select pieces with sentimental value or unique designs that resonate with your personal style, infusing warmth and personality into your living spaces.”

16. Host dinner parties 

Hosting dinner parties and wine nights is a delightful way to bring love into your home, fostering a sense of connection and warmth through shared meals and good conversation.

“I love hosting dinner parties and wine nights for friends and family, which has resulted in the most beautiful memories in this space. I believe that the best parts of a home aren’t the physical items you have in it, but the people who are there to share moments with you,” shares photographer Taylor Rossi.

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