Customer Owned Material: Custom Rug & Runner Creations to Fit Your Unique Space

Cut to Fit connected hallway and stair runner

Bring Your Own Carpet Material to The Carpet Workroom & We’ll Turn It Into A Custom Rug

As we step into 2024, the growing demand for custom rugs has carried over from the past year, standing as testament to the evolving landscape of interior design.

Homeowners, designers, and enthusiasts alike are increasingly drawn to the allure of bespoke creations that echo their individual style and elevate their living spaces. However, the current market, dominated by vendors such as Ernesta Rugs, Ruggable, Perfect Rugs, Dash & Albert by Annie Selke, and other vendors often disappoints in delivering authentic customization. Despite claims of offering “custom” options, these vendors frequently restrict choices to predictable rectangular shapes and a limited palette of custom finishes.

In this dynamic environment, where the desire for unique, personalized interiors is at an all-time high, The Carpet Workroom emerges as a beacon of true customization. Breaking free from the confines of conventional rug offerings, we invite you to bring in your own carpet material, sourced from any vendor. Our skilled fabricators are poised to transform it into a genuine work of art, meticulously crafted to seamlessly fit your space.

Taking Customization Beyond Rectangles:

Our commitment to customization extends beyond the limitations of rectangular rugs. We understand that your living space is a tapestry of unique elements—curves, corners, fireplace cutouts, and distinctive turns—that demand more than a standard rug can provide. The Carpet Workroom stands apart by offering a level of customization that transcends the ordinary, turning your vision into a tangible, functional masterpiece.

Picture a carpet that gracefully traces the contours of your fireplace, follows the sinuous lines of your staircase, or elegantly nestles into a room with unconventional dimensions. These are the possibilities we bring to life at The Carpet Workroom, where your custom carpet is not merely an accessory but a true reflection of your individual style and the distinctive characteristics of your home.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability infuses every thread of our process. By repurposing existing carpet materials, we contribute to a more eco-friendly approach to interior design, reducing waste and environmental impact while ensuring your custom creation is a responsible choice.

Seamless Integration for Stairs, Hallways, Living Rooms and More:

Our dedication to customization extends beyond the traditional boundaries of area rugs. Many customers find themselves with carpet material that demands an extra level of attention to seamlessly integrate into their space. Perhaps it’s a staircase that requires a tailored runner or an irregularly shaped room needing a cut-to-fit area rug. We invite you to bring in your own material, and let our skilled workroom craftsmen transform it into a bespoke masterpiece.

The process is simple – you bring the material, and we bring the expertise. Our fabricators collaborate closely with you to understand your vision, ensuring that your custom carpet not only fits but enhances the beauty of your home. Each bespoke piece is a testament to our dedication to quality and the belief that every space is unique, deserving a carpet that matches its distinct character.

1. Bring in Your Rug or Let Us Source It:

Whether you already have the perfect rug in mind or need assistance in sourcing one, we’ve got you covered. Bring in your rug, or let us know where your rug can be purchased, and we can source it for you, having it shipped straight to our workroom.

2. Measurements and Customization Details:

Provide us with measurements and pictures of the space and any specific customizations you have in mind. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about measurements – our team can also come to your space for precise measurements. This step ensures that every detail is accounted for in the customization process.

3. Personalize It! :

The devil is in the details, and we want your custom rug to be perfect. Let us know if you’d like to make any additional customizations, such as mitered red corners, narrow or wide bindings, leather bindings, nail heads, and more. Our goal is to bring your vision to life in every detail.

4. Fabrication in Our Workroom:

Once we have all the details, our dedicated crew will kick off the customization process in our state-of-the-art workroom. This is where your custom rug begins its transformation, with precision and attention to detail at every stage.

5. Your Custom Rug is Ready!

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for – your custom rug is ready! We ensure that the craftsmanship is impeccable, and the rug seamlessly integrates into your space, reflecting your unique style and preferences.

Our workroom is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tools, allowing us to handle various materials, patterns, and intricate designs. This ensures that your custom carpet is not only visually stunning but also durable and made to withstand the test of time.

Get Started Today

As the desire for custom rugs continues to shape interior design trends, The Carpet Workroom stands at the forefront of true personalization. Your living space is a canvas, and we are here to help you paint it with a carpet as unique as you are. Say goodbye to the limitations of rectangular rugs and standard dimensions.

For those ready to begin the journey of truly custom rugs, simply email us at or fill out our inquiry form to begin the process. Let The Carpet Workroom transform your vision into reality, one meticulously crafted rug at a time. Your home deserves custom rugs that tells your story – let us help you write that chapter.

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