Working with carpet every day teaches you a lot about what you want in a rug. My name is Marina and, as the head of The Carpet Workroom’s marketing team, I’ve seen so many of our employees choose to order area rugs and runners through the company.  Today, I want to share with you all what went into my decision to buy an area rug from The Carpet Workroom.

The Carpet Workroom roll special style Ticking Stripe in the color Tuxedo. This flat woven wool can be made into a stair runner or area rug.

Durability is Key

My household gets daily walking traffic from everyone you can imagine  — including two young cats — so anything I bring home needs to be durable and cat friendly. The Carpet Workroom is a great resource to learn about what styles are best for your home situation. In this case, flat woven materials and cut piles are the two fiber contents and construction materials best for our four-legged friends. Our living room is an open concept space, so whatever materials I selected needed to be durable for everyday life, but that can also be boring! 

My home’s aesthetic is very black and white. I’ve had my eye on various styles for about a year, but when our roll special program added this one style — which I promise to share — I knew it was the one! But first, back to the beginning stages of searching for my new area rug. I needed a carpet that was about 11′ x 14’, which is a pretty significant size. This area rug would be an investment and something that I would have for many years to come!

Selecting the Style

As I said earlier, I had a black-and-white combination in mind for color. That wasn’t hard to accomplish, as The Carpet Workroom has many suitable styles in our showrooms that fit what I was looking for. But the one that stuck out immediately to me is called Ticking Stripe II in the color Tuxedo. The moment our team added this style to our roll special, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. Ticking Stripe is a 100% flat-woven material. The stripe details are bold, but in a fun way. The photo below shows the little swatches I took home to visualize the colors and patterns in my home. If you love this style as well, but aren’t loving this color way, please know it does come in other color ways! If you have not been in our showrooms — particularly our Needham location — there are many styles to choose from.

Fabrication Process

Once I made my decision, the next step was finalizing the details! Confirming the size was most important. I did change the dimensions a little and made the area rug slightly larger. As for the edge finish, I actually had thought about adding a bold black, narrow cotton binding, but then opted to switch to serging and match it to the ivory in the carpet! I thought the ivory would blend better since the black ticking stripes already provided a bold pattern. I didn’t want the black on the edge to stand out too much. For those unfamiliar with serging,, it is when the yarn wraps around the edge. It adds a pretty detail that, in my opinion, makes your carpets look higher end. As for the pad underneath, I decided to choose a 32 oz felt pad, which adds a significant amount of padding underneath the area rug. Stepping on the rug with the pad underneath makes a huge difference!

Last, but not least, I decided to add the infamous “Green Guard” which is very similar and what many people refer to as scotch guard. Essentially, this helps protect your area rugs. I highly recommend adding Green Guard to lighter colored rugs!

The reason why I chose to come to The Carpet Workroom is because I firmly believe working with a small family business makes the process more personal and fun, in my opinion! I felt that they were listening and visualizing the details from start to finish. The process was easy and going through the process is seamless!

That is it! You have officially learned the process I went through to find the right carpet, selecting and confirming details, to the area rug being in my home. Please see the photos below and let me know what you think! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at thank you!

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