What is P.E.T? The Most Popular Fiber You Haven’t Heard Of

Have you ever wondered what P.E.T. means on some of our showroom styles? It designates a carpeting style as pet-friendly. In fact, PetProtect carpet is a must for those with furry friends!


Many of our customers have thought PetProtect carpet is a regular nylon carpet that has been treated with a stain-resistant product. However, this is not the case. It is manufactured from a specific stain resistor known as the SuperiaSD fiber with Teflon protection, which means this carpeting is known for having strong resistance to pet-related stains and soiling. It is currently the most durable type of carpet fiber available.

PetProtect carpet is fabricated from a different type of nylon fiber called “type 6.6.”  This unique fiber type gets its name from its dual strands of carbon fiber, which differ slightly in molecular structure from other nylon fibers. Their unique molecular structure allows the fiber to take on a spring-like shape. That spring-like shape keeps the fiber from matting down and fraying in high-traffic areas. Even higher-pile carpets that normally would show traffic patterns and wear under these circumstances have a resiliency you won’t find in other fibers.

The fiber construction impacts stain resistance as well. “Type 6.6” nylon must be solution-dyed. That means the colorant is added as the fiber is extruded and pulled into tiny strands before it is twisted, woven, and tufted into the finished product, where other types of fibers dye the yarn after it is spun. PetProtect carpet is color-safe, fade-resistant, and pet-friendly, so when accidents happen, you can clean them thoroughly without worry.

  • Additional key features:
    • Easily releases pet hair while vacuuming
    • Reduces pet odors
    • Easy to clean
    • Exceptional durability and comfort

But P.E.T. doesn’t just mean Fido and Fluffy friendly. It refers to polyester carpets. Known for its luxurious look, feel, and wonderful selection of bright, bold colors and styles, many polyester carpets are extremely soft and ideal for lower traffic areas, such as bedrooms, offices, and TV rooms.

The P.E.T. stands for polyethylene terephthalate and contains content made of recycled plastics such as water bottles. This can make polyester a “green” option, and also helps strengthen the fiber to help it last longer. Polyester is also naturally stain-resistant and easily recyclable.

Since polyester carpet isn’t crush-resistant, it will wear down and lose texture faster in high-traffic areas faster than wool or nylon. Although less expensive than other fibers initially, polyester carpeting may need to be replaced more frequently, regardless of whether you have pets or not. However, it is more stain-resistant than nylon carpet and at least as resistant to mold and mildew. It is also non-allergenic.

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Blue and white cheveron style fabricated and installed as a stair runner.

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