Top Three Stair Runner Installations in June

During the month of June, we installed several transformational stair runner projects that made it to the top of our list. If you’re new here, we feature a “Transformation Tuesday” project each week on our social media. We share a little background information about the project – location, if there is a designer attached to the project, and if there is a reason behind why a specific material was selected. The idea is to provide the story of “before” the stair runner and then showcase the “after” photographs with the runner installed. We’ve chosen three of June’s top stair runner transformations to share with readers. Let us know what you think about them!

Entryway Glam (Needham, MA)

For this project, the homeowner worked with local interior designer Samantha Arak of Samantha Carey Interiors. The homeowner bought their beautiful home within the past year and has made some major interior upgrades in that time, including their recent stair runner project! The before photo is below.

This staircase is part of an open grand entrance and features curved bottom steps and a landing.

The material selected is called “Splendor Wave’ and comes in several colorways. The color selected  for this project is “Heatherwood.” This 15′ width product is a wool and polyester blend, making it a great option for homes with high traffic, kids, and pets.

Samantha wanted this runner to be the center of attention when anyone walks into the home. With that in mind, she added a wide leather binding to contrast with the carpet and some smaller-scaled ornamental nail heads that have a slight shimmer to them.


Modern Meets Contemporary (CANTON, MA)

This could be the most eye-catching project we did during the month of June! The homeowner worked with Tiffany Barqawi of Tiffany Barqawi Designs. This homeowner is an influencer that we were excited to collaborate with. We will be revisiting this particular project in a more detailed blog post, but for now we want to share some some never-before-seen sneak peek of the before and after of this custom stair runner. Tiffany selected this beautiful nylon carpet for her client for its durability, but also for the look and texture that it has. The neutral, but contrasting, colors in this carpet also sold her and the client. Here are some “before” photos of the staircase.

The wide binding on this runner really makes a statement. It adds some pop, but also goes along with the rest of the interior details that are being added to the home. See some “after” photos below.


The third transformation project of this month is a beautiful dual bridal staircase! The homeowner moved in not too long ago and the first thing they wanted to do was have a stair runner installed by The Carpet Workroom. While the process of selecting the material and having it installed looks seamless, it did take several trips to our showroom and a review of many samples to make the final decision. But once a style was chosen, it was smooth sailing from there. Below are the photos before the runner to get an idea of what the space initially looked like.

The style the homeowners chose is a neutral wool blend called “Creekside.” It has a beautiful texture which makes it more unique. Below are photos of the finished product. The clean and light neutral style has become very popular.

Are you ready to work on a project with us? Feel free to email photos of your staircase, along with some styles you’d like to use as a runner! Please email us at to get started.

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