Top Three Stair Runner Installations in May

Each week on our social media platform, we feature a “Transformation Tuesday” project. We share a little background information about the project – location if there is a designer attached to the project and sometimes if there is a reason why a specific material was selected. The idea is to provide the story of before the stair runner and then showcasing the after photographs with the runner installed. We’ve chosen to share our favorite top three transformations of each month, starting with the month of May. There were so many great projects we wanted to highlight, but we decided to choose the ones we felt most connected to.


Our first transformation is a project in Gloucester, MA. The building is historic and the project had five sets of stairs. With the large scope of work, the installation was spread over two days. In the before photo, we are looking down at the main staircase that greets you at the entryway.

The material selected was a luxury wool blue herringbone carpet by Langhorne Carpet. The blue mimics the ocean waters that surround the town of Gloucester, MA. This Wilton wool is considered a fragile carpet with its Wilton weave construction making it a little more delicate.

Here is a close-up of a sample we mailed to the customer. Before placing an order, they reviewed and confirm that this style and color was exactly what they wanted!

We even were able to capture some of the fabrication process – seen here!

This material is first come, first serve, so if you’re interested in this style email us today at to get started on a project. 


Pacific Stripe in the color Marina has become another popular style this spring and summer season. We introduced the carpet a few months ago as one of our newest roll special styles and customers have been swooning over it ever since. It is a wool blend, making it a soft, but durable product for homes with high traffic, kiddos, and pets. To dress up the carpet, this homeowner accessorized it with a matching navy blue wide binding which really makes the runner become the center of attention of this entryway.

This material also is first come, first serve, so if you’re interested in this style, email us today at to get started on a project.


The third transformation project of this month is a beautiful dual bridal staircase! The homeowner moved in not too long ago and the first thing they wanted to do was get a stair runner from The Carpet Workroom. While the process of selecting the material and having it installed looks seamless, it did take several trips to our showroom and a review of many samples. But once a style was chosen, it was smooth sailing from there. Seen below are the photos before the runner, to get an idea of what the space looked like before.

The style the homeowners chose is a neutral wool blend called Creekside. It has a beautiful texture to it which makes it more unique. See the photos below of the finished product. The clean and light neutral style has become very popular.

Ready to work on a project with us? Feel free to email photos of your staircase, along with styles you’d like to use as a runner! Please email us at to get started!

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