Design Feature: Navy Blue Binding

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Maggie Lovetere. I am the youngest member of my family and one of your sales women here at TCW! You can usually find me going back and forth between our Needham and Avon showrooms. I also work more behind the scenes on HR and bookkeeping.

It has been a long time since I wrote a post here but I find myself with some more time lately so what better time to pick blogging back up 🙂

I am always trying to walk outside when the weather cooperates, especially now that I have been stuck at home! Luckily, I live by the waterfront so get to explore there. The ocean has a way of easing my anxious thoughts. Maybe that is why I gravitate towards shades of blue? 

If you were to visit my home in Eastie, you would see my favorite wall color, which is Sherwin Williams modern gray. Together with accent wallpaper walls or burst of smoky blue, sea foam, or moody blue in my furniture! (blog post to come)

Another design trend I am fully on board with is a thin navy blue binding that we suddenly see trending:

If you are not picturing what I am talking about, let me show you one of our recent stair projects in Charlestown, MA. We cannot get enough of it. Navy blue binding is definitely a home decor trend to look for in 2020!


[SLGF id=23263]


Our 1.25″ cotton binding adds a simple and unique detail to your area rug or stair runner without being a total focal point. Who doesn’t love a splash of color?

I think pops of bright tones are unexpecting, especially if your other furniture/fixtures are more neutral. What do you think of a navy blue binding?

I think it really brings a sense of warmth to a space! Navy pair wells with just about every color. Think pale yellows/blues/all pinks, reds, browns, grays, even black. In a way, it can be considered a neutral for that very reason.

It can definitely be tricky not to become overly nautical but that works for some homes – navy is so versatile!

[SLGF id=23264]

Picking an area rug or stair runner that is entirely navy can also be a commitment for someone. Because of this, our thin cotton binding is a great way to incorporate it.

Creating an area rug or stair runner is a great way to change the vibe of your home without switching everything up! How do you feel about decorating with navy?


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