Get To Know Our Team!

Like most small businesses, we’re a team made up of a unique collection of individuals. What makes us even more interesting are the unconventional career paths that we all took to get here. All of us at The Carpet Workroom have unique stories and backgrounds that we wanted to share. As a small business, everyday is a little different and the team members contribute in all phases of the business. Here are some highlights we wanted you to know!

Steven our fabricator is smiling for the camera as he preps to fabricate a project
This is our fabrication specialist, Steven, who is working on creating a stair runner.

Steven: Steven came to the U.S. in 1994 from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam when he was 21 years old. He migrated to Lynn, MA where he married his wife and raised his two sons. His role at The Carpet Workroom is being our incredibly talented fabrication specialist! His favorite foods are Japanese and Korean and he enjoys watching Hong Kong and other American movies. His favorite hobby outside of work is traveling!

Marina is our social media and marketer here at The Carpet Workroom
Marina is our person behind our social media accounts and a face you’ll see in Needham and sometimes Avon!

Marina: Marina was born and raised in Vermont, but both of her parents are immigrants from Cambodia and fled to the U.S in 1983 during the Khmer Rouge. Marina graduated from Mount Ida College in 2018 and is our Social Media and Marketing manager. She is also one of the newest members to the team. Her favorite food is Pad Thai and favorite hobbies include, photography, anything fashion related, and hanging out with friends.

Keith: Keith grew up in Dorchester, MA. His favorite food is anything that is unhealthy. Hobbies outside of work include hockey and beach volleyball. Keith is also new to our team and his primary role is project manager. However, he generously lends support to our operations staff whenever he is able.

Jim and John working with Interior Designer during delivery
Jim and John on-site working with interior designer during a delivery!

Corey: Corey grew up in West Warwick, R.I and graduated from Mount Ida College in 2018. He is our Business Analyst and Project Manager. His favorite food is chicken wings and hobbies outside of work mostly center around sports.

Stephen: Stephen was born in Boston, MA and currently lives in the South End. He is currently enrolled at NorthEastern University majoring in Finance and Pre-Law. His role at The Carpet Workroom includes Needham Showroom and Sales Intern. Steven enjoys watching Criminal Minds and playing video games during his free time.

Steven and Corey playing sports
Here is Corey and Stephen playing basketball together with other Carpet Workroom employees!

John: John grew up in Canton, MA and is a close friend with the Lovetere family! His favorite hobbies outside of work include playing golf and hanging out with his puppy. His roles at The Carpet Workroom include sales and deliveries.

Jim: Jim is a cousin to the Lovetere family and grew up in Plymouth, MA. His favorite food is Shack Out Back smoked pastrami which is a secret family recipe. His hobbies outside of work include, fishing and annoying his fiancé! His roles at The Carpet Workroom include installer and project manager.

Pat: Pat  also grew up in Canton, MA and has been friends with the Lovetere family for as long as they can remember. His favorite food is Pizza and he enjoys walking his dog and hanging out with friends outside of work. Pat’s role at The Carpet Workroom is our warehouse manager in training and lending a hand with fabrications, deliveries, and installations!

Hopefully this allowed you to better understand the personalities that make up our incredible team! For more info, please visit

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