Q & A With Best Certified Carpet Installers in Massachusetts

Get To Know The Best Carpet Installers in Massachusetts

In our previous Blog post we featured our master craftsman, Peter Lovetere who answered questions many of us wanted to know. We were especially happy to know just how interested everyone was to learn how he began his life in the carpet trade. Without further ado, this follow up Blog post will highlight our other talented and professional installers who you may recognize, James and Justin!

Where are you from?

James Hurley: Plymouth, MA

Justin Johnson: East Bridgewater, MA

How long have you been installing carpet?

James: About 8 years

Justin: About 22 years

How did you begin your career as a carpet installer?

James: “I started out by just helping Pete and Matt when they first opened. I did sales at first, but as we grew we noticed there was a lack of installers that Pete could trust. So he started to train me on the road as an installer and 8 years later, here I am.”

Justin: “My career in carpet installation started as a summer job after graduating high school, I  apprenticed for Peter Lovetere. I started that in 1996 and then took a couple years off. After moving to Boston, I resumed the trade just before 2000. So I have about 22 years in the trade.”

What types of certifications do you carry?

James: CFI (Certified Carpet Installer) Residential and Commercial I and NFIC (Natural Fiber Installer Certificate)

Justin: “I have been certified by CFI, but at the moment the only certification that I carry is the NFIC.”

What does The Carpet Workroom do differently than other carpet businesses?

James: “I really haven’t worked for other companies but what I noticed is that it’s a team effort to get the job done, not just the installer. Not one person at the workroom has one job, we have to be multifaceted.”

Justin: “I think there’s a couple ways in which the Carpet Workroom differs from other companies. One would be their air table and production facility which allows them to fabricate the most difficult carpets with ease. They are able to hand off a finished product for us to install which allows us to focus on the actual installation. Another would be their social media presence, bringing in a wide variety of clientele in the area.”

Stair runner being installedWhat innovative methods have you been using during your carpet installs?

James: “We use a tool on our wall to wall jobs, called Seamer Down Now, and it’s a game changer on the job. Before when you had a seam in the room you had to wait 30-40 minutes afterwards to let the seam cool down so you could stretch the carpet. With this tool you are able to stretch almost immediately afterwards, on big jobs that can save us hours.”

Justin: “I try to stay on top of the latest technology and utilize the latest tools and installation methods such as stand up nailers, power stretchers and radio wave seaming irons. The carpets that are being produced are always changing and it’s up to the installer to innovate ways to seam and install these unique goods.”

What do you like least about the carpet and rug trade?

James: “The toll it takes on your body. Rugs are heavy and not good for the back.”

Justin: “The things that I like least about the trade are the ergonomically difficult positions that are required to install carpet.”

What do you like most about the carpet and rug trade?

James: “I am somewhere different almost everyday and I’m not doing the same job everyday. Some days I will do stairs, some days wall to wall installation, and other days I will just cut up rugs for upcoming jobs.”

Justin: “The thing I like the most is the reactions of the clients when we can transform their spaces in the course of a day.”

How do you improve to be the best carpet installer?

James: “There is not one job that is the same, so you have to tweak your methods everyday to make the rug work for the job. With that variability comes mistakes so I’m learning or trying to simply improve on every project. Working with other installers is a good way to improve because you learn something from everyone you work with, good or bad.”

Justin: “I try to constantly improve my craft by keeping up with the latest information available and learning from any challenges that present themselves during an installation.”

What is one project you are most proud of?

James: “I had to hand sew borders on a 9×12 and a 5×8.  It took 3 days of sewing but it looked amazing in the end.”

Justin: “I take the most pride in carpet installations that I am able to have some creative control in.  A project that stands out this year would be a bridal staircase with some curved stair nosings that I was tasked to install the antelope product on.”

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