Unsung Heroes of The Carpet Workroom – Certified Rug & Carpet Installers

At the end of the day, the carpet installers at The Carpet Workroom are the most valuable members of our team. It’s up to their skills and experience to execute every project! We often talk about the finished products and how beautiful they come out but never really applaud the ones who actually created it. At The Carpet Workroom, we have some of the most skilled craftsmen in the trade. We would even argue that our installation and fabrication services would rival any carpet workroom in the country.

One of the best benefits to working with us is knowing that your flooring projects are in great hands. We got here through decades of refinement of our craft and being diligent in the certifications we attain. What makes our carpet installers the best? It’s that we are trained and certified by the best in the industry; CFI and NFIC.

Custom animal print stair runner installed by James Hurley of The Carpet Workroom
Beautiful cut pile animal print custom stair runner installed by professional installer, James Hurley.

CFI, short for Certified Flooring Installers is all about helping carpet installers rise to the next level. They strive to build professional skills and integrity that will bring the maximum beneficial impact to the floor covering industry, the floor covering installation profession, and to the customers who care about the quality of the investment in their floors. Learn more by visiting https://cfiinstallers.org

The NFIC is another known authority in the flooring world. This particular organization and certification stands for, Natural Fiber Installer Certification. NFIC offers training for  general information, installation techniques, diagrams, seam placement, hand sewing and more! Their training programs are some of the best programs for installers to attain the next level of success in the trade. https://nficnet.com/

Peter Lovetere installing a flat-weave wool stair runner into a home in Needham
In this photo is Peter Lovetere, installing a flat-weave wool custom stair runner.

Our Master Craftsman

One of the more unique aspects of The Carpet Workroom is that our President is a master craftsman in the field of carpet installation. He is an installer first and businessman second. This gives us an edge on our competition because we care more about the finished product than the bottom line. Our founder, Peter Lovetere, answered a few questions in order to give you a glimpse of how he began his life in the carpet industry. He grew up in the Boston area and graduated from Dedham High School’s business program in 1978. His first job in the trade was as a helper for his neighbor. This was where he gained his skills and passion for carpet installation.

After years of learning the basics he decided he wanted to develop a new range of skills. In an effort to offer more services, over the next decade Peter attended hand sewing classes and completed a certified carpet installation program offered by the CFI. By 1997 he had turned his focus towards building a full service carpet workroom. Once he had his workroom up and running, he then applied for a grant with the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help develop a carpet reclamation program. His goal was to divert new and used carpet from landfills. Peter had attended several conferences around the country to develop this program because it was important for him to recycle “the right way”. Unfortunately the value for these materials never gained steam so these efforts have stalled. Despite the lack of demand, it’s always been important for Peter to practice and promote sustainability. 

Peter went on to explain some of the other reasons The Carpet Workroom differs from other carpet companies. He simply said, “it’s because of the workroom”. In the late 90’s Peter designed and built his first air table which is actually quite similar to an air hockey table. “This allows us to fabricate any size or shape and apply a variety of bindings and edges on the rugs”. The Carpet Workroom has its own team of installers as well. These employees have all been trained and certified by CFI and NFIC. As a master carpet installer, Peter strives for perfection and has been refining his craft for more than 40 years!

Custom stair runner installation using a neutral flat-weave wool material

Aside from being just a rug guy, Peter is also a family man. In the early 80’s he and his wife, Kathy, realized it was going to take a great deal of teamwork to raise the family. He now applieds this same philosophy to The Carpet Workroom. “We are all individuals with strengths and weaknesses, and with direction and a common goal we have become a force… The Carpet Workroom”. For better or worse, Peter is willing to take on even the most challenging projects. He loves to work on a task from the beginning stages to its completion. It is such a great feeling of accomplishment, creating something out of nothing with your hands. His least favorite part about this trade is working on the weekends. “I like to work hard and play hard”!

In this ever changing world, there is always room for improvement. The Carpet Workroom team is always up for the challenge and looks to improve every single day. At the moment, that means improving our customers’ virtual shopping experience. We’ve been a work in progress since 1978 and we will continue to work through setbacks, road blocks, and achievements to bring you the best carpet and rug services the world has to offer, https://carpetworkroom.com/carpet-sales/

Installers fabricating carpet
Installers working on a project in our workroom

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