Pet-Friendly Carpets!

We love our fur babies, but we also love creating spaces that feel warm, inviting and complete. Many of our customers come in with the big question: What carpets are best for pets? Many people gravitate to wool, as it is naturally stain resistant and super durable, however most wools are priced higher than comparable synthetics. One of the best synthetic materials for pets is nylon, as it is super durable, stain resistant and affordable. Pile type is important to consider, as a looped carpet has a larger change of nails getting caught and pulling the material (especially if you have cats!). For this reason, a cut pile is a much safer option. Nylon will also give you a larger selection if you want large patterns or colors incorporated into your look! It is important to find a carpet that works best with your day to day – whether you enjoy playing tug of war with your canine pal or rolling around in cat nip with your feline friend. Coming in to the showroom with this information will help narrow down the best options for your lifestyle, as our animal family’s comfort level is just as important as our own.

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