New Remnants – Going Fast!

Remnants at The Carpet Workroom are in extremely high demand and when a new package comes in–especially one filled with Wiltons–they tend to fly off the shelves. The new remnants arrived on Saturday and have sold faster than milk and bread before this week’s “snowstorm”. However, we still have quite a few pieces left, ready to be installed on stairs or made into a custom area rug.

We have a batch of small rolls of Wiltons at prices that you will not find anywhere else. The pieces are even large enough for some stairs with turns. In an effort to make space for even more Wiltons, our tufted wool and woven synthetic remnants are on sale for 50% off our already low prices! This means that tufted wool remnants that are normally $3/square foot are now $1.50/square foot and our synthetic remnants that are normally $2/square foot are now $1.

Here is a look at the new remnants, and new ones are coming in as we make room for them. Email us at if you see anything in the photos below that you’d like to use for a stair or area rug project. We can advise you on sizing and recommend binding options.