Herringbone Carpet and Stair Runner: It’s What’s In Right Now

“What’s in right now?” is a question we get a lot here from customers looking for stair runners with a little personality. It can be overwhelming stepping into our showroom because of the variety of colors, patterns, and materials we offer but there’s no doubt the most popular choice right now is herringbone.

Herringbone has been a trendy pattern for carpets, rugs, and home decor for quite a while and because of its subtle yet stylish look and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest you’ll notice a lot of recent projects include some of the many herringbone options we offer.

One of the biggest differences to keep in mind is herringbone vs chevron. Both have a similar look, however, herringbone forms a V-like pattern, while chevron is more of a continuous zigzag. You can see the subtle differences below, but both do look equally as great as stair runners or area rugs.





Because of the wide variety of materials we offer at The Carpet Workroom, there are many options for herringbone carpets/rugs whether you are looking for a plush wool, a durable poly, or a natural sisal. Narrowing down your search by materials helps to make your choice less overwhelming when the time comes.

There are also many different color choices available. Most popular are often the greys, beiges, and “greige”colors, as I like to call them. In picking carpets as well as almost anything else in home decor, greige has become the newest trend, allowing you a wider range of options for matching materials since you aren’t stuck with one particular tone. For those who have trouble making decisions like myself, greige is always my go-to option.

Here are some of our favorite and most recent herringbone installs along with information on material. Bring any of these photos in to our showroom and hopefully this sparks some inspiration!


Mill: Momeni Style: Heatherly, 100% Wool


Mill: Langhorne Style: Herringbone, 100% Wool


Mill: Momeni


Wide binding

Make your herringbone more nautical with this blue and white Langhorne carpet:


Mill: Langhorne, Style: Herringbone, Color: Blue/White, 100% Wool

Go with a softer look with this woven wool:


Mill: Momeni, Style: Naturally, Color: Gray, 100% Wool

Add some darker blue tones with this silky herringbone:


Mill: Momeni, Style: Silky, Color: Steel, Handspun blend of NZ Wool and Art Silk

Create contrast with this black and white pattern:


Mill: Momeni, Style: Naturally, Color: Black, 100% Wool

Add a pop of color with this tangerine wool blend:


Mill: Momeni, Style: Silky, Color: Tangerine, Handspun blend of NZ Wool and Art Silk

Combine style and durability with this polypropylene herringbone:


Mill: Nourtex, Style: Hatteras, 100% Polypropylene

Get value here with this reasonably priced wool herringbone:


Mill: NRF, Style: Clement, 100% Wool

Get the look of a sisal but with the long-lasting quality of wool:


Mill: DMI, Style: Ebbtibes, 100% Wool

Go all natural with this large scale sisal print:


Mill: DMI, Style: Regetta, 100% Sisal

For a bigger sisal herringbone, try this Fibreworks product:


Mill: Fibreworks, Style: Meroe, 100% Sisal

This Kaleen Peter Island collection is a popular one here because of its classic look and different color variations:


Mill: Kaleen, Style: Peter Island, 100% Wool


As always, we are here to help consult for your design needs and can point you in the direction of any of the best herringbone patterns and more. This is certainly a style that will be around for years to come! Request a quote here!