Benefits of Carpet

I’ve been asked this quite a bit lately so I figured it was a great time to remind you of the benefits of carpet and rugs. (these are in no particular order)

#1. Reduces Noise: Carpet and rugs help reduce the sounds of every day life, such as TV and music blaring from your child’s bedroom upstairs. Any thickness will work. Adding a pad underneath will help even more with absorbing sound!



#2. Helps Prevent Slips and Falls: Carpet and rugs act as cushions for everyone is your home…your pet included!

Other benefits of carpet include…adding comfort and warm, improves indoor air quality, and saves money over time. If you regularly vacuum and professionally clean (once or twice a year), your carpet will last for many many years.

The next step in your carpet and rug buying process is understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each material. One of the most important parts in selecting carpet is understanding what it’s made of. Different carpet fibers have different characteristics. Before starting the process of choosing carpet, you should always ask yourself, what’s more important; durability, comfort, or aesthetics?


  1. Kendall Ryder

    The most beneficial aspect of the carpet, to me, is the added comfort and warmth it gives. I can get cold super easily, and it would be nice to have carpet to keep my feet warm. That way, I won’t always have to be wearing socks and large sweats during the winter to keep me warm!

  2. Kenneth Gladman

    I love the diamond pattern used on the stairway in that carpet. If you do enough looking around you can really find some great and elegant carpet styles. I think it is a great option for larger areas.

  3. Lillian Schaeffer

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that carpet helps to reduce noise. My husband and I have four kids, so all of their running around can be quite loud sometimes. We’re remodeling our family room right now, and that’s where they play a lot of the time, so we’ll definitely look into installing carpet so it can help with all the noise. Thanks for the great post!