Questions To Ask Yourself Before Picking Out A Carpet

Many of our clients have recently been coming to our showroom knowing exactly what they want. How can they possibly know before stepping foot into the building? They actually ask themselves a few simple key questions. So what are the questions to ask yourself before picking out a carpet? I’ll let you in on deets!

1. Do I want to use color or stay neutral? And if I want to venture out, am I more attracted to cool or warm tones? I would definitely suggest taking samples home to see what they look like in the room you’re putting them in. Similar to most situations, lighting is everything.

2. Am I willing to try new shapes? Patterns are a great way to bring out your personality. If you’re feeling bold, look beyond geometric patterns and flowers. Don’t worry about what your guests will think, you want to find one of a kind and creative ways to express who YOU are. If you are choosing patterns because it hides things well, that’s fine too!

3. Do I want to use big or small patterns? (if any) Ask yourself, what statement am I trying to make with my space? Patterns play a major role when it comes to a room’s energy. Larger patterns pull a space together and actually create balance, whereas smaller patterns tends to focus on a specific part of the room.

Don’t get me wrong, you are more than welcome to come in here with absolutely no idea what you want because we are here to help and I too like the element of surprise (sometimes) but these guidelines will start opening your eyes to the endless possibilities within your home! There are so many ways to decorate! We carry numerous carpet lines from multiple mills and manufacturers in our showrooms so there will always be a winner so please don’t get totally overwhelmed 🙂

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