Two Toned Carpets

Have you ever heard of the saying, “don’t mix the old with the new”? I don’t believe in that statement. In fact, I love mixing and matching vintage and modern! Two toned carpets and two colored carpets provide a unique look and are breaking that interior design rule. This style is both classy and bold. Two toned carpets means having one slightly darker and one slightly lighter color in a carpet but being apart of the same color family. They are the very definition of transitional decor. They are often found in wool, sisal, herringbone, and chevron. Two toned carpets are popping up everywhere in home decor. Carpets in general continue to be the focal point in a room.

The mix of black and gray on this spiral staircase allows for more design versatility and flexibility without taking away from the eye catching frames. The navy blue binding (a fun twist) adds to the multidimensional look. All this helps to hide dirt too!

Here’s some other two toned carpets:

One last thing…what I love most about these two carpets are they are staying trendy with gray yet both carpets show the home owners personalities with either the pattern or binding.




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