Decorating With Geometrics

Geometrics. The word that made me cringe from elementary school up until high school. But now, I get giddy when customers chose any product that has geometrics! Geometric patterns add just enough eye-catching funk without making your head spin. Have you ever asked yourself, “Where do I begin decorating with geometrics”? Here are 5 ways to “shape” up your home with geometric patterns. Hopefully these tips should help!

  1. Wallpaper: For a retro look, use geometrics as wallpaper. Don’t overwhelm the room with bright colors, try a creamy color or anything in the yellow family.
  2. Upholstery: If you want your furniture to have a geometric pattern, use both dark and light colors.
  3. Pillows: It’s simple, pillows give off a laid-back vibe, even with a unique geometric pattern.
  4. Mirrors: I love this one. Having geometric shaped mirrors are playful and chic.
  5. Carpet/Rugs: MY FAVORITE! I love geometric carpets or rugs. They are the the foundation of a room. After you pick out that part, your entire place comes together.









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