Wool Carpets: The Healthy Choice

Wool carpets are the healthiest choice for floor covering. Wool doesn’t give off toxins known as Volatile Organic Compounds, which are released from synthetic fibers. It is also non-allergenic and does not encourage growth of bacteria or dust mites. Wool rugs work as filters for dust, pollen, and spores keeping the air in your room […]

Environmental Responsibility with Carpets

The majority of the brands that we carry are 100% wool because the environment is extremely important to us. Wool is an amazingly sustainable flooring material because it comes from sheep fed on pastures and fueled by sunlight. This is reflected in the amount of energy it takes to make Wool, which is about 1/8th the energy […]

Wool Carpet Facts

Wool carpet is ideal for installation which reduces heat loss in your home. Wool rugs are naturally 30% more stain-resistant than the best synthetic fibers. Wool carpets are made from sheep from all over the world including Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, and Canada. Because they are organic, recycled wool rugs are used to line compost […]

Benefits of Wool Carpet and Rugs

Why choose wool for your carpet and rugs?   Wool carpet is the most ideal soft floorcovering for many reasons. It is durable, resilient, and most importantly a renewable resource. Wool fibers are natural which makes them long lasting, flame retardant, and resistant to dirt and crushing. For these reasons and many more, wool carpet […]