Trendy Area Rugs: Are You a Trendsetter?

Trendy Area Rugs One of the year’s biggest trends; layered area rugs. This hot design trend is popping up in rooms everywhere. If you want to become a trendsetter, there are a few things to remember. When it comes to layering on a hardwood floor, allow at least 12-18 inches of space on all sides […]

Carpet Remnants Frequently Asked Questions

The Carpet Workroom specializes in finding, selling and installing carpet remnants. Please contact us if you would to find out how carpet remnants can make your home more beautiful. Carpet Remnants Frequently Asked Questions Q. What are carpet remnants? A. Carpet remnants are any piece or roll of carpet that is sold at a discount. Remnants […]

Bright Carpet Colors; The Cure for the Winter Blues

Bright carpet colors are going to start popping up in every room making bold statements for 2013. This is a simple way to cure the winter blues. Even though they are not reaching the neon level, rugs will be seen in more and hotter ways than ever before. Citrus orange, lime green, turquoise, and magenta […]

Carpet Facts

Here are some interesting facts and cleaning tips about carpets:   Club soda is effective in getting up fresh stains in carpet. Just pour some on the spot, let it set for a few seconds, and then sponge it up. To remove candle wax from a carpet, place a brown paper bag over the spot […]