Boston Carpet Professionals

The Carpet Workroom’s Vision…

A new way to buy Boston carpet and rugs.

Custom is the name of our game. Our goal is to create a new buying experience for carpet and rugs for the 21st Century. Technology has created a new generation of consumer with a savy that has never before existed. A quick Google search on “carpet” or “rugs” will return an overwhelming list of mills, styles, retailers, designers, and installers. Manufacturers have all their products catalogued with high definition pictures and vibrant descriptions in their online galleries. Designers tweet and blog about recent trends and popular looks almost daily. You no longer need a salesman to tell you what you want. What you need is an outlet that will help you sort through the information available at your fingertips, help ease the buying process, and a professional and personal service to cater to your specific needs.

Here at the Carpet Workroom we offer just that; a place to visit to make sense of the endless amount of information available, a place to meet the people installing carpet and rugs into your home, and a place where you can ask questions without judgement or deceit. We have access to every product you can find online and at the guaranteed lowest price available. We can’t compete with the dirt cheap promotional installation prices offered at the big box stores, but they can’t offer our unique combination of knowledge, experience, and skill. We offer to you a unique, custom service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves…

Peter Lovetere – Owner, President, and master craftsman, Peter began working in the carpet and rug business over 30 years ago as an apprentice. After decades of hard work and maintaining a positive attitude, he was able to accomplish his dream of owning his own carpet store in Needham. A father of 3, Peter has been able to support his family through his craft, and now is looking to expand even further. He has experienced all there is to in the carpet world and is now challenging himself by entering into the realm of sustainability through carpet recycling. Although his vision has evolved, offering a luxury installation service at an affordable price is still his primary goal.

Peter, Founder


Matt Lovetere – CEO and minority owner of The Carpet Workroom, Matt manages the entire retail operation and business development. Before teaming up with his father, Matt worked as a middle school English teacher in Dorchester. There, he learned the valuable skills it takes to manage a fast-paced, growing business; patience, organization, communication, flexibility, and countless others. These skills were refined while pursuing teaching opportunities in Costa Rica in 2010 just months before his transition to entrepreneurship. He hopes to build The Carpet Workroom in such a way that he will attain the freedom to get back to teaching on a global level.


Matt, CEO

Billy Lovetere – The newest partner spends his time as Operations Manager overseeing all productivity. He has learned the craft of rug fabrication and installation and still remains an integral part of the sales team. Billy finished his clinical hours working in a hospital to fulfill the requirements necessary to become a paramedic but is focused on learning the technical skills required of a rug craftsmen. For now though, he is focused on being the operations manager and strengthening his installing skills, now that he is a CFI installer.


Billy, Operations Manager


Jim Hurley – Matt, Billy, and Maggie’s cousin is our warehouse member of the management team at The Carpet Workroom. Doubling as a business student, Jim has been a true “Jack” of all trades, contributing to all aspects of the operation. He has done so well that he will be managing our warehouse and manufacturing site in Avon. He has learned the skills of the trade while pitching in with sales and managing inventory. He is a CFI installer.

Jim, Warehouse Manager


Maggie Lovetere – Recently finishing up her English degree at UMASS Boston, Maggie has started managing our Needham showroom. She wears many hats, such as sales team member, marketing team member, and AP. When she she is not helping out at The Carpet Workroom, Maggie teaches Barre, Pound Rockout Workout, and BUTI Yoga.

Maggie, Showroom Manager


Courage Reid – Courage is our gentle giant with the enviable namesake. You’ll always find him with a smile on his face no matter what job he’s been asked to do. In his short time here he’s already become CFI certified and is able to take on every task. His primary interest lies is our green initiative that he will invariably strengthen.

Courage, Carpet Apprentice


Pat Slaney – Pat is a quick learner and has begun installing alongside Peter in a very short time. He gives meticulous attention to every task he does. After becoming a CFI installer, Pat is working on strengthening his fabricating skills in order to become a master craftsman. While he is finishing up his degree in environmental science, Pat loves spending times outdoors, which makes him the perfect addition to our team.

Pat Slaney - Installer

Pat, Installer


Alison Weitzner – Coming from a successful stint in advertising, Alison has joined The Carpet Workroom to follow her passion in interior design. She hopes to use her marketing experience and interior style to help customers bring their design dreams to life. Alison is attending interior design school and loves learning about new trends. 


Alison, Interior Designer


Briana Balboni – Briana is the newest addition to The Carpet Workroom team, having worked in the non-profit world and most recently in marketing & media. She redirected her career path to pursue her passion for Interior Design, recently completing a program in Interior Design & Decorating. Briana is eager to put her new skills to use and looks forward to helping customers transform their spaces!

Briana Balboni, Interior Designer