Should I Invest in a Hemp Fiber Carpet?

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Common natural fibers often found when shopping for a carpet include seagrass, jute, and sisal, but one in particular that is beginning to gain popularity in many homes is hemp! Natural fiber materials, like hemp, are increasing in popularity for homeowners looking for carpets that are both sustainable and stylish. 

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant species that has been used around the globe for more than 10,000 years and is known for being one of the earliest plants to be cultivated. Hemp is also considered one of the fastest growing plants in the world making it a reliable renewable resource. 

Many people tend to dismiss hemp because of its relation to ‘marijuana’, but they are entirely 2 different plant species that serve their own individual purpose. Despite the stigma, many industries invest in hemp to create a wide variety of industrial and consumer products. Aside from carpeting and textiles, Hemp fiber is also a useful resource for manufacturing paper, clothing, biodegradable plastics, paint, food and biofuel.   

The most valuable part of the hemp plant is called the bast. Those are the fibers that grow on the outside of the plant stalk to give the plant its strength. There are various ways to remove the bast from the plant that influence the color of the fibers. Depending on the removal process, the hemp may appear creamy, white, brown, black, gray or green. The hemp then is processed further for industrial use. 

Why Should I go with Hemp? 

One of the primary reasons many consumers prefer hemp is it is a much more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to other fibers. While there are plenty of synthetic carpeting materials available  to choose from, those materials can have a negative impact on the environment. Hemp is a fast-growing plant that can be grown in many different regions of the world. 

Hemp also carries far more benefits than just sustainability. It’s a material known for its durable and long-lasting properties. For example, hemp fiber often is used to manufacture ropes, as its durability enables it to reliably withstand heavy weight loads and any pressure from pulling on it. By choosing hemp, you can rest assured you’re receiving a material designed to deal with tough environments. 

Hemp in Carpeting

While other natural materials, such as jute and sisal, are popular options in carpeting, hemp is emerging in the industry. The characteristics of hemp make it a perfect choice for carpeting and it continues to pop up in many spaces. Aside from its durability and eco-friendly qualities, hemp carries other traits that make it a great choice for carpeting.

If you struggle finding the time to keep up with cleaning your carpet, hemp might be the perfect option for you. A great characteristic of hemp is that it doesn’t attract debris, dirt and dust as easily as the other materials found in carpeting. In other words, there is less build up of these particles, so you can maintain your carpet at your own leisure. This also makes it a great option for those constantly dealing with allergies or asthma.

Hemp is also a great option to consider for an outdoor rug.  It is mildew-resistant which allows it to be exposed to water without any issue. Some other natural materials can become damaged instantly once exposed to water. Hemp, however,

can get wet and still maintain its stylish look. All you have to do is let it air dry and it will be as if it never got wet. This is also reassuring if you want to place a hemp carpet in spaces with lots of moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens. 

Why Might Hemp Not Be For You:

One reason you might want to avoid a hemp carpet is for its tough texture. Hemp, like many other natural fibers, lacks the softness that you find in many other traditional carpet materials. While the hemp may wear down and become soft over time, you still won’t find that cozy feeling you expect from a typical carpet. This may be a deal breaker if you want your carpet in spaces where you tend to walk without shoes.

Another reason hemp might not be the best option for you is its susceptibility to shedding. However, this is something you likely encounter with other natural fibers as well, so it’s important to keep an eye on your carpet to clean up any stray fibers. 

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