Should I Invest in a Hemp Fiber Carpet?

Common natural fibers often found when shopping for a carpet include seagrass, jute, and sisal, but one in particular that is beginning to gain popularity in many homes is hemp! Natural fiber materials, like hemp, are increasing in popularity for homeowners looking for carpets that are both sustainable and stylish.  Hemp is a variety of the […]

June Stair Runner Transfomations

The summer season has been a busy one for us here at The Carpet Workroom. Each project has been unique and fascinating, and it’s exciting to share what we’ve been up to as we kick off the summer!  If you’re new here, each month we share a little background information about three projects — including […]

Natural Fiber Carpets: A Stylish Look with a Touch of Sustainability

Did you know you can make a positive impact on the environment by choosing a natural fiber carpet?  Natural fiber materials are increasing in popularity for homeowners seeking a carpet material that is both sustainable and stylish. Many homeowners are integrating eco-friendly materials into their home’s aesthetic, and a great way to do so is […]