March Stair Runner Transformations

Homeowners are working on making their homes ready for the summer season which include replacing old stair runners and area rugs!

If you’re new here, each month we share a little background information about three projects — including the location of where it took place and if there is a reason behind why a specific material was selected. The idea is to provide the story of “before” the stair runner and then showcase the “after” photographs with the runner installed. 

We’ve chosen three of March’s top stair runner transformations to share with our readers. Let us know what you think about them!

Summer Ready! (Chatham, MA)

For this project, the homeowner had a vision in mind when they walked into our showroom! They are avid followers on Instagram who love seeing the work that we post to our account. Their property on the Cape is an open concept home with a grand main staircase that draws the eyes when you first walk in.

The homeowner had taken home many different styles and had gone back and forth between samples until they fell in love with a design concept. They wanted the carpet itself to be neutral with no design to complement other existing furnishings in the home. However, they also wanted the runner to have a pop of character. They ultimately loved the idea of a wide cotton binding, which you can see in the photos below accentuates the neutral carpeting. 

Once the customer chose their material, our team visited to measure and create paper templates for the custom landing piece. 

Check out the finished product below!

In Knead of New Carpet  (Milton, MA)

This homeowner had reached out to us looking for a new stair runner for their home. The existing runner was in need of a refresh. They figured, why not start spring cleaning with a new stair runner! In their inquiry, they mentioned the new runner needed to be cat-proofed. In that moment, we knew exactly what material this homeowner should focus on. 

For homes that include cats, we highly recommend cut piles. Not only are they soft to the touch, but when cats knead their nails into the carpet, there is no material to pull, making this a durable option for the home. Cut-pile carpet is made in a similar way to closed-loop carpet, but the rows of loops are cut to create individual strands that are open at the top.

When a cat scratches cut-pile carpet, there’s nothing but the carpet backing for their claws to catch on. The carpet backing is buried deep in the carpet and is made of very sturdy material, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any damage or the cats pulling the yarn free.

Cut piles come in all different patterns and colors, but the homeowner wanted to go with something neutral and simple. They settled for a beige and gray herringbone, which we love and so does Gronk!

If you’re interested in this product and would like more information, please reach out to us via email at to get started!

Durable Carpet is Our Best Friend (Milton, MA)

This homeowner worked with Jamie Keefe Interiors to bring their dream runner to life! They worked in tandem and loved the look of Martinique in the color Silver. This home has undergone a few recent renovations making the space look newer and more modern. The runner really connects the open space and brings everything together beautifully. Both the client and designer loved the durability of Martinique as well as how it paired with other decor in the home.

If you aren’t familiar with the specifics of Martinique, here are some fun facts about the material. The famous style is part of our roll special program. Once we installed this material at home, it took off and now everyone loves it. Our special program features both colors; Silver being a lighter neutral colorway and Charcoal, a slightly darker option. Martinique  generates from Kaleen’s Pure Life Collection. All Pure Life products are made from all-natural wool, which is a 100% renewable and biodegradable resource. So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, non-toxic and hypoallergenic carpeting to bring into your home, these styles are the answer!

Now, it’s time to enjoy some before and after pictures of this space!

To get started on your stair runner project with us, please email us at with the following details.

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  • Photos of your staircase, hallways or space
  • The style you have in mind for this project (can be screenshots from our Instagram or Pinterest accounts)
  • The budget you have for this project
  • If there are any pets or children in the home!

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