Managing a Carpet Project During the Winter

The winter can be a very messy and cold time of year, especially here in New England. The carpet buying process can be a little more challenging as you have to keep in mind conditions like snow, road salt or even frigid temperatures. As winter begins to ramp up, those factors shouldn’t cause you to […]

December Stair Runner Transformations!

During the month of December, we had many stair runner transformations! If you’re new here, each month we share a little background information about three projects – the location of where it took place, and if there is a reason behind why a specific material was selected. The idea is to provide the story of […]

Preparing for your Next Stair Runner Project

At The Carpet Workroom, we are constantly working on various types of carpeting and rug projects. One that we regularly get requests for are stair runners. Stair runners have always been a favorite style to install in a home because of both its looks and its benefits.  If you’re looking to get a stair runner […]