4 Reasons to Reconsider Carpet

It’s no coincidence that some of our favorite homes feature great carpeting — after all, a well-designed room starts from the bottom up. Yet carpet is often overlooked and under-appreciated, despite being one of the most versatile, hardest-working floorings on the market. It’s time to correct that! Consider this our ode to the fuzz beneath our feet.

1. Carpet is beautiful

Texture, color, pattern: Carpet’s myriad options translate to myriad design possibilities, none of which need to stand alone. Classic styles and colors, like lower-pile neutrals, are both timeless solo statements.

2. Carpet is cozy

Whether you’re padding around in slippers or barefoot, carpet keeps you warm — literally. It retains warm air longer, making it an energy saver. Additionally, soft, luxe carpeting is the only thing that makes hanging out on the floor sound appealing.

3. Carpet is quiet

If you have pets or little ones, you might not remember what quiet sounds like, but it’s that thing that isn’t noise. Carpet helps with that, muffling those tiny footsteps that are somehow louder than big ones, bouncing toys, and even the emo music your teenager is blasting upstairs. It’s also great at absorbing sound from TVs and speakers, so movie night doesn’t echo through the whole house.

4. Carpet promotes indoor air quality

There’s a perception that carpet is a poor choice for maintaining good air quality. However, the opposite is true. October is National Indoor Air Quality Awareness Month, making  now a great time to consider carpet that promotes exactly that.

Dust and allergens get trapped in carpeting until they are vaccumed away. That keeps them out of the air you breathe. Plus, carpet is the lowest emitter of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and requires fewer cleaning chemicals than other flooring options.


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