New Roll Special Styles Means More Discount Carpet

Our roll special program is the best way to find discount carpet for your next project. The carpet styles we collected are some of the top trending carpet styles in the industry and are curated specifically with the New England aesthetic in mind. Styles include our most popular discount carpets such as Peter Island Stripe, Cliffside, and many more.

In order to fulfill the increasing demand, we’ve decided to expand our roll special offerings and add more styles into the mix for 2021. Please keep in mind that our industry is experiencing logistical challenges never seen before so our stock is limited and it sells out fast. Just because it’s something we “stock”, it doesn’t mean that it’s always in stock. Aside from the discount, you’re also avoiding a freight charge.


The benefits of shopping through our in-stock selections start with one of the most important aspects, price. All of these rolls are discounted and we can confidently say that you wouldn’t see a better price for these materials anywhere else. If you do, please let us know and we’ll consider a price match. All these styles are durable options, most of them are wool, and can be used in a number of settings in your home. You can guarantee these styles will be a mainstay in your home for many years to come. All of these products are broadloom carpets which means they can be fully customized to fit your needs. Because we use these products over and over again, we have an uncanny knowledge required to use these carpets in the most challenging projects.


MARTINIQUE – The photo above is Martinique in the color, Silver. It’s a beautiful neutral 100% flat weave wool style that has become a client and team favorite. It does resemble our Peter Island Stripe but it has its own unique character. We introduced this carpet only a few months ago and have already ordered several rolls of it. One of the many reasons that it has done so well is for its 15′ width and the fact it is made from all-natural, organic wool, which is a 100% renewable and biodegradable resource. So if you are looking for an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic carpeting to put in your home, this could be the option for you! We also offer the color, Charcoal as well,

B-LINE – B-Line is another style from the same collection as Martinique. The B-Line collection consists of highly textured row patterns with exposed random threading details. The color we are offering is Charcoal (see below) and just recently added this style to our program. We’re excited to see how customers use this style in their homes!

PACIFIC STRIPE – This wool blend cut pile carpet has become another favorite! The colorway we have available as a roll special is called “Marina”. The navy blue is perfect for homes with kids and pets, making it an incredibly durable option. We’ve been seeing this style a lot as summer starts to roll in and people are prepping their Cape homes, beach, and lake houses. Did we mention that it is very soft underfoot?

THAYNE  – One other style that we love is Thayne in the color Pebble. This flatweave wool looks great in any home. It’s a durable option that can take high traffic areas and pets. It’s a great option if you want a more subtle herringbone pattern.

VINDALOO – Vindaloo is a beautiful flat-weave herringbone carpet that does differ from the rest. The wider herringbone sets this style apart from all the others for its look. The color we offer as part of our roll special program is Arctic. A nice cool blue to really brighten up your space. This carpet is great for homes with kids and pets as it’s a blend of wool and poly.

CAT ISLAND – A little history about how this carpet style got its name. Cat Island was named for the Virgin Island of the same name but takes its inspiration from the cat’s eye shape. Concentric curved diamonds create a contemporary print for a distinctive look in any home. It looks stunning on stairs and made into area rugs. The colorway we have of this style is Taupe. A beautiful beige neutral color that coordinates with any home interior.

LIGHT BLUE HERRINGBONE – Last, but not least. This carpet was recently installed in a historic home in Gloucester, MA. The style and color are almost fitting for this home on the east coast! If you’re interested in this style, it is first come first serve.


To get started on a project please email us at and attached the following information!

  • Please provide a first and last name.
  • Tell us where you’re located.
  • Do you have a budget or timeline for the project?
  • We simply ask you to attach photos of your stairs if you’re inquiring about a stair runner. If the project is a wall to wall, please attach photos and a rough sketch of the space.
  • If you’re inquiring about an area rug, please tell us the approximate size. If it is a custom cut-to-fit area rug, please provide measurements and photos of the space.

Thank you and we will get back to you about your inquiry!

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