Transitional Home Decor

If you need to refresher, transitional home decor is a mix of traditional and contemporary or modern designs (think simple yet unique). The following stair runner is the perfect example of transitional home decor. The subtle cream color and rich wood gives a traditional feel but if you look closely, the silver geometric pattern gives just the […]

Millennials In The Workplace

My dad pointed out another interesting read in Floor Covering Weekly, his favorite magazine. It was called “Can You Train Millenials?”, which seems very fitting for The Carpet Workroom team. Besides Peter (my dad) everyone who works at The Carpet Workroom are under thirty two years old. Having this many millenials in the workplace is […]

Herringbone Stair Runner

Check out this stair runner that we recently installed! If you have forgotten or are new to this pattern, herringbone is a pattern with a distinctive “V” shape. It differs from chevron because a herringbone pattern breaks at each section’s reversal, whereas chevron is a continuous zigzag. Herringbone continues to be one of our most popular stair runner options. With […]