Millennials In The Workplace

My dad pointed out another interesting read in Floor Covering Weekly, his favorite magazine. It was called “Can You Train Millenials?”, which seems very fitting for The Carpet Workroom team. Besides Peter (my dad) everyone who works at The Carpet Workroom are under thirty two years old. Having this many millenials in the workplace is not completely uncommon these days. There are actually 75 million millennials, also known as Generation Y, in the workplace today. We are the first generation to have grown up with computers, which sets us apart in some ways. Because of our different mindset, companies have to be more flexible with how they run their businesses. The success of a company will ultimately depend upon your ability to build and motivate a diverse team.

Companies used to hire salespeople who were well versed on flooring but now companies need to consider hiring people who can relate to the consumers on a personal level. Most consumers are on social media. Many companies are struggling in this department because when the company first started out, social media was not that popular but now if you are not on social media, you are missing out on A LOT of information. I know my dad is so glad he does not have to worry about that aspect and can focus on the things we are not as knowledgable on. A team that works together, stays together.

Our team has a meeting every Monday morning to discuss the past week’s accomplishments and upcoming week’s goals. There is always something to work on and grow from so our “learning lessons” are a topic of conversation as well. Instead of having one person say what is and is not working, we all have a chance to speak and voice our opinions. You can always learn from each other.

In the end, it is all about making a difference. Millenials are very socially aware. We want to see a change in both ourselves and in the world. We want to empower. Our team is working very hard at being as sustainable as possible and hope to one day get involved with planting trees and a charity. For now, we are focusing on educating our customers. Knowing what goes on behind the scenes allows us to stand out among other carpet companies.

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