Trend Alert: Stripes

Trend Alert: Stripes! This should not come as a surprise because stripes are one of the most popular patterns in the design industry. What makes stripes so trendy is depending on your colors, stripes can be either traditional or modern. Just about everyone loves this pattern! Color is a very important aspect when incorporating stripes into your home. Choosing the best width, direction, and size should also be put into consideration. Those too will change the entire look. When done right, stripes have a way of bringing life into a space. One way to work with stripes is pairing them with a neutral background. The simple wall shown below allows the stair runner to really hold its own. The direction of the stripes also play a part. In this case, our eyes move up, creating a feeling of tallness, an overall roomier feeling. Going with a pastel color palette, draws attention without overdoing it. The majority of blues and greens allows the yellows, reds, and oranges to pop without overpowering other parts of the room

On a different note, patterns like this helps hide stains more easily!

Other stripes work well in…

Coasters, Plates, Placemats,Trays, Dog Bowls


Salt and Pepper Shakers

Table Runners, Linens, Bed Skirts, Shower Curtains, Shades/Curtains

Pillows, Blankets

Knobs, Hooks, Light Switch Plates

Ottomans, Barstools, Seat Cushions, Bench Cushions

Check out our stripe stair runner inspiration!




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