Martha’s Vineyard Carpet Install

It’s 5:45am and my dad and I are on our way to our Martha’s Vineyard carpet install (West Tisbury to be exact). From the moment we hit the road Peter is non-stop. That should come as no surprise to those of you who know him. He was studying his upcoming installing certification handbook on the ferry over. He doesn’t believe in downtime during the day or any day but Sunday. A Boston based interior designer is having her Fleetwood Fox stair runner installed in her beautiful home. Fleetwood Fox is a mill we recently started working with. They produce their own 100% wool flat weave carpets. They are spun, dyed, and woven on their own looms in England. The burgundy, red, yellow, and burnt orange contrasts perfectly with the white painted stairs and cream colored walls. While I staple tack strips down, my dad explains that when a runner has a pattern, they must be evenly placed on every surface of the stairs. This pattern happens to be stripes and you want it to be one clean line from bottom to top. A stair job consists of primarily three steps. You place the tack strips down, staple pad, and lay down the material. Before that even happens, Peter always checks out the space before he brings anything into the home. Then he lays a blanket as a workspace. Pete has secret tricks of the trade when it comes to not feeling the tacks underfoot. He measures every single riser and marks off where the reveal will be. He prefers to work with one other helper so the job will have an extra set of hands and eyes. He gives himself a time frame goal that he likes he try and reach.

We offer expert carpet installation of all types of carpet for your home, office, or other commercial space. Our team of professional carpet installers are fully insured and boast decades worth of experience. No job is too large or small and we are willing to travel all over New England. Please inquire if you are interested in references.

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