Brown Carpets

Brown Carpets are a hit or miss. Some people love it (me) and others don’t. Hopefully this recent stair runner we fabricated and installed will make skeptics feel a little differently!

If you look closely, this runner has some texture to it. Both the rich color of the hardwood and the slight pattern bring some life to this classic space. It is subtle so it does not take away from the wall decor or the bold patterned carpet next to it.  Brown is stable and in this case, becomes the anchor.

Our customer chose both white and tan for the paint color, allowing the brown to bring some warmth in. Brown is less harsh than black and if you don’t want all white everything, brown tends to pair nicely with cream or off-white. The majority of the space is neutral hues and earth tones, which I personally love. Earth tones, such as brown, can be seen as both feminine and masculine…regardless of the feel you are going for, both ways bring a down-to-earth feel to any room.

There are many different kinds of browns…check out our Pinterest page for more inspiration!