Bohemian Wanderlust

There is a new interior design trend on the rise and I NEED to share it with the world. This trend is known as Bohemian Wanderlust and it is magical. Bohemian Wanderlust is attention to detail with worldly inspiration. For me, bohemian is knowing rules are meant to be broken. Many bohemians are artists so this trend really lets your creativity shine through. When decorating this style, don’t worry what others will think. Do what you want to do.

Here are some ideas:

-Bright, bold hues on neutral

-Prints: Natural inspirations are a fall/winter pattern to be on the lookout for. Bring in some fresh air into your home.

-Multi tones: This has always been a hit for your hair so why should your carpet be any different?

-Earthy tones: If you’re having a tough time with what an earth tone actually is, it’s actually pretty simple. They are the colors inspired by Mother Nature. Every color you see outside is apart of the earth tone family.

A soft color palette styled with a dark contrasting rug

-Blues, oranges and browns

Remember with this style, don’t shy away! You want your home to tell a story so there are no rules.


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