DIY Carpet Cleaning

So you’ve spilled something on your carpet…what next? Whatever you do, DON’T panic. To remove a stain, simply blot the spot with a wet towel or cloth and towel dry. Keep rinsing the towel or cloth with clean water and repeat. Never scrub the carpet because you’re risking ruining the carpet fibers or letting the spill soak. Here’s […]

What’s hot in interior design for 2015?

My email is full of articles on interior design trends. Every day I receive at least two emails! Some stick out to me and some don’t. The most recent one that caught my eye was on what’s hot in interior design so far for 2015. This article could really help anyone who is in an interior […]

Hallway Runner Inspiration

I receive numerous phone calls concerning odd shaped rooms or what customers think are odd shaped. Usually I hear closets, fireplaces, ovals, or places that jut out. This can be problematic for some but not for us. We will custom fit your rug or runner to the exact shape of the room. We cut/bind around jogs, fireplaces, rounded […]