What’s hot in interior design for 2015?

My email is full of articles on interior design trends. Every day I receive at least two emails! Some stick out to me and some don’t. The most recent one that caught my eye was on what’s hot in interior design so far for 2015. This article could really help anyone who is in an interior design rut. Below is a list of ideas that are the most popular right now.

So what’s hot in interior design for 2015?

1. Clean and Simple. Who doesn’t like clean and simple? In 2015, you’re going to continue to see neutrals but with a much cozier feel opposed to the cold, modern atmosphere we are used to seeing.

2. Most things with the word blonde in them excite me. Think blonde roast, beach blond highlights, blondie brownies, and blonde wood. Blonde wood gives off the illusion of more space. They give off a very relaxed vibe. It looks great next to both light colors and darker colors. I love a color that can wear many hats and this is no exception. Speaking of the contrast between lights and darks…

3. 70s Decor…I love everything about this era, including the wallpaper!

4. I’ve wanted a free standing tub ever since I watched The Notebook. Whether you go modern or vintage, it’s a win/win.

5. Open shelving. I’m a huge supporter of anything open and free.

I’m sure you’ve read similar articles but with this one, I couldn’t pick one from the list I didn’t love so I just had to share with you all! What do you consider to be the hottest interior design trend so far in 2015?

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