Stair Runner Inspiration

When it comes to carpets/rugs, we often take the safe route, opting for solids and neutrals because there are just SO many options to choose from and it becomes wayyy to overwhelming. I’m here to help bring your stress level down. Carpets and rugs can and will make a statement. If you haven’t started to already, it’s time to treat your floor or stairway like it’s your wall! And by that, I mean bring your room to life in a different way. Here’s some helpful tips when it comes to picking out the best carpet for your space. Hopefully this stair fashion will give you some stair runner inspiration!

-Sisals and light colored carpets really open up a smaller space. Don’t be afraid to be  a”lover of the light”. (Can you name that tune?)

-Don’t close your mind off to using animal prints in a section of your home (or even a single room). If you’re still up in the air on this one, try light tones. Lighter colors tone it down a little.

-Quiet colors with a simple pattern can go with other colors in the room. It makes for a very tasteful look.

-Bold. Bold. Bold…I’ll always add trying a color you wouldn’t normally go for in the mix. I can assure you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

-Stria: n. A linear mark, slight ridge, or groove on a surface, often one of a number of similar parallel features. This pattern is so timeless and there are so many different variations that it truly never looks boring!

So tell me, what’s your stair runner inspiration?

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