Merida Flat Woven Wool Stair Runner By The Carpet Workroom

Check out this Merida flat woven wool stair runner by The Carpet Workroom. We fabricated using a fold and stitch method. Getting confused by all these terms? Me too. So I’ve compiled a list below to help a sister/brother out!

Woven: Carpet produced on a weaving loom in which the lengthwise yarns and widthwise yarns are interlaced to form the fabric, including the face and the backing.

Wool: Wool is durable, resilient, and most importantly a renewable resource. Wool fibers are natural which makes them long lasting, flame retardant, and resistant to dirt and crushing. For these reasons and many more, wool carpet is the easiest to clean and maintain.

Stair Runner: Stair runners are any type of narrow carpet that are installed on stairs leaving a “reveal” of hardwood on either side. Stair runners can come in pre-fabricated rolls from the mill, or can be custom fabricated from broadloom materials.

Stair Runner installation: Just about any contractor can install carpet in a room. However, it takes a true craftsman (Our Carpet Workroom men) to install a runner on stairs, especially if there are turns. Even more difficult is matching a pattern on turned stairs. For this reason, we like to approach stair installs with a 3 step process; initial measure, pre-measure/template, install. This process may be tedious, but it allows us to pre-fabricate all materials so the installation will take no more than a few hours.

Fold & Stitch Method: This is when our installers, here at The Carpet Workroom, fold the edge of the material under and stitch to reinforce. By doing this, the material will appear to have no binding at all. This is also known as self edging.

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